October 22, 2021

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If we can do that, we’ll be in a game of progress

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The coach of the Slovak national football team expressed his happiness that he did not have to solve the health problem of any of the players before Friday’s match for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Russia.

They are all fine and Stefan Tarkovic There is nothing stopping you from choosing a team that will try to implement a three-point plan on the field. Only a victory in Kazan will make the Slovaks truly qualified for the tournament in Qatar.

“I am very happy that all the players are in good health. No one has joined Marudas who belong to the base of Lopotik and Mack and Weiss, who withdrew before the meeting. We have to deal with their absence, but football also comes with such situations. We must manage the match with Russia. And we know that we are bound to win.” The head of the Slovak bench said at a pre-match press conference, which, according to him, is clear about the eleven seats he will choose for the base. However, he will wait for official training in the fifth largest city in Russia, the administrative center of Tatarstan.

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According to Tarkovic, Friday’s duel with Russia will be different from the March duel in Trnava, where the Slovaks lost the opponent 1: 2. “Zborná” has since undergone a change of players and coaches.

“Every coach who comes to the national team tries to bring his ideas and philosophy into it. Karpin did the same. He had only one meeting at his disposal, and in my opinion, the Russians managed it in September just as they wanted. They have as many points on their account as they expected. Under his leadership, they play. differently. He is influenced by the style of the player at his disposal,” Tarkovich said.

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Ondrej Duda Just over 24 hours before the initial excavations, he also announced three-point ambitions. “We want to succeed in every game and win it. Now either – or. If we can do it tomorrow, we will be in the game of progression and we will be able to think about another game in Croatia. We want to follow the performances from the three September meetings, although we haven’t We are lucky with the Croats. I think we will be happy with us now, and with our fighting spirit we will manage and look forward to it.” Note Legion 1. FC Kolin.

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The Slovaks were able to defeat the Russians in the main group Euro 2016 in France with the same result in this qualifying round, thanks to which the opponent can respect them. “It will be a different match. The Russians have a different team, a lot has changed for them. But if we can beat them in third place, that would be great”, Duda claims, who can make the 52nd start for the national team.

Four rounds before the end of the qualifiers, the Slovak team is third in the Group H table, four points behind Croatia and Russia. Only the winner from the group will qualify directly to Qatar to participate in the final tournament, while the second-placed team will compete in the draw.

MFK Dynamo Dolný Kubín players celebrate after L. Mikuláš’s elimination from the Slovnaft Cup:

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