January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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improvements where we wanted

improvements where we wanted

It is increasingly difficult for smartphone manufacturers to create such a good intergenerational device that the news will make you think about a change. We will generalize this topic at the beginning, because it is not limited to Apple’s business only. Likewise, other brands have something to do to convince potential buyers that the annual changes are worth the extra cost of the new generation of phone. Right now, the situation only pays to change your phone every two years. Then the changes will be more noticeable. We have similar feelings again from the new iPhones, as we may not have been given any new product. However, the manufacturer has improved a number of things that make its new iPhone 13 Pro Max a phone that clearly ranks at the top of the charts. It is an excellent working tool and yet it offers some features that convince us time and time again with its features.

We know the edges
Many manufacturers pay to make their phones look different every year, so that the phones can be distinguished. When a customer earns a lot of money for something, let him feel that he is holding a novelty in his hands. However, Apple is currently almost there

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