January 16, 2022

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A war in space awaits us, says the director of Russia’s Roscosm. Spreads misinformation about Musk and SpaceX like no other

The Russian director of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, is again completely illegible, and it is not clear to the Russians what he intends at all. Mosca and his Starship missile once again criticize and remind him regarding the impending war in space, A few days ago, he invited him to visit him Cosmodrome in Baikonur.

Rogozin lied again and was misled

In an interview with Gazeta.ru The director of the Russian space company Roscosmos spoke on the topic of space, a possible space war, as well as Elon Musk, who told his Russian compatriots really interesting things.

When Rogozin was asked about Musk, a barrage of misinformation that had nothing to do with reality set in. “SpaceX is a supplier to the Pentagon, I’ve always said that. With money from the Pentagon they’re offsetting the price of the Falcon 9,” Rogozin said.


This statement is meaningless simply because there is nothing to make up for the Falcon 9 rocket. Probably the cheapest flights into space and One of these missiles was able to fly up to 10 times, and always landed And waiting for the next task.

The first stage restart in some cases takes less than two months and does not require any major renewal.

Rogozin is just distracting

The Russian director of Roskosma also said in an interview that SpaceX received a lot of things as a gift and also received leading experts from NASA. This is, again, misinformation. While NASA experts, of course, oversaw the development of some technologies in particular Dragon spaceship crew, was not directly responsible for the design and development.

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SpaceX had somewhat of a free hand and had to fulfill contract requirements as closely as possible, which for the vast majority was primarily about security. Rogozin knows all this well, and the only explanatory reason for saying such sentences is that he is trying to distract or hide the fact that the Russian space program is starting to lag a little.

Soyuz rocket launch with OneWeb satellites on board. Source: Roscosmos

It discusses the issue in more detail Russian portal Alpha Centauriwho criticizes the leadership and describes the image of Putin with Rogozin as an image of the perpetrators – one of them built the system, the other destroys Roscosmos, which is an essential part of the system.

The Russians are also unhappy with Roscosm’s leadership

According to the portal, Russia has a space program (“not Soviet, but Russian” Notes Pavel Basiloev) has had administrative problems since its inception. The highest positions are given not to the best experts, but to those most loyal to the system.

According to the Russians, the incompetence of managers and the company can also be criticized for the deteriorating state of Roskosm for Allied nations sign treaties and plan a space station in lunar orbit, who was brought into space by Rogozin, the hated SpaceX, Roscosmos turns his face away.

Dmitry Rogozin watches the launch of a Soyuz rocket launching OneWeb satellites into space. Source: Roscosmos

There are a large number of skilled scientists and engineers in Russia who want to develop their talents and turn their ambitions into reality. This is the only thing keeping the Russian space program alive, despite the barriers their leadership is building.

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Not completely lost

Although it looks really bad in many ways with the Russian space program and Also according to Russian sources Nothing good awaits him, he is not completely lost. Although Russian director Roscosmo claims that reusable missiles are nonsense, the company is still developing its own reusable missile.

Although it looks remarkably similar to the Falcon 9, it is a step forward. In addition, Russia plans its own satellite constellation, which will provide optimal Internet coverage and cost the state 300 billion rubles (more than 3 billion euros) – although on the other hand They also want to fine the use of foreign constellations like Starlink Or even OneWeb, which they themselves bring into orbit.


In addition, Russia is planning itself The lunar program, in which it enters into closer cooperation with China. However, many are skeptical of this and fear that when China gets what it needs, it will get rid of Russia and move forward on its own.

According to her statements, she wants to become the most powerful cosmic force, and American spies fear her forces, and warn of her expansion.