January 19, 2022

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Conference League: ŠK Slovan Bratislava – FC Copenhagen 1: 3. The Danes laugh in the grass like a plow

Yesterday 06:45

FC Copenhagen managed to enter the European Conference League very well. At Tehelné Pole, he took advantage of the individual errors of Slovan Bratislava players and the contested judgments of the referees.

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The ball was too small

The Danes were surprised by the state of the play area. The evaluation of the match was started by the coach and three out of four players. “The stadium looked as if the moles were having a party. The ball danced on it and at the same time it felt very small and light. As if it was a size four, but it was listed as a ‘five’, according to what the club reported. the web Nikolai Boelsina.

“We didn’t play a great duel, but it wasn’t easy for that plow. The most important thing is that we got three points, which we came up with. Although Slovan ran on us really hard at first and didn’t make it any easier for us,” Jens Stage said.

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A moment to capture the quality of the turf on the pole qualified us in the penultimate match before the exchange.

Source: fck.dk

Nice stadium, one thing is missing

“We faced difficult conditions in an unreal stadium. However, we come back with a beautiful result. Slovan started very straightforward, strong and fast. We responded to it in the first half and let them play. We pulled off a bit, but right after winning the ball we played football. “We succeeded and deserved to win,” said coach Jess Thorpe.

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“They have a beautiful stadium in Bratislava, which lacks the only thing – grass. This is sometimes the case in the stadiums of competitors in the European Cup,” begins the match report on the website of the 13-time champions Denmark.

The grass will be replaced in Jilina

The problem has persisted at Teehelen Field for more than a month. Coach Vladimir Weiss Street. I showedwho – which The grass was infested with mold. It was rumored that Zlin players brought her on their new season football boots in the public season.

Slovan cannot replace the grass during the national team’s break, While Slovakia met with Croatia and Cyprus. The FA announces the venue in advance and at the time the stadium was still OK.

Weiss announced that the turf would be replaced after Sunday’s league game against Jelena: “In the long term, we are planning a hybrid garden (a mixture of natural and artificial grass) so that this does not happen again and lasts as long as possible.”

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