October 23, 2021

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10G Internet starts in Slovakia

10G Internet starts in Slovakia

With 10 gigabit internet coming into play, Slovakia has become one of the elite countries in the world. Ten times faster internet was launched today in Kosice, Strubkov and Sirna nad Tissot. Communication is available for a regular monthly fee of €17.92. Such fast connection is a prerequisite, for example, for telemedicine services, virtual reality in the cloud or fast connection of every family member without restrictions – the key to the next era of telework.

After the spring announcement, ANTIK Telecom today launched a super-fast commercial Internet service with parameters of up to 10 Gb for downloading and transmitting data for less than 18 euros per month. The first places in Slovakia with 10G access are Cerna nad Tissot, Strubkov and Kosice in the province of Pires, while coverage will continue to grow. Ultra-fast Internet is one of the criteria for economic competitiveness needed to develop industry and very high value-added services – such as virtual reality on demand or telemedicine. And it is no coincidence that the so-called 10G service is available, for example, in Switzerland, Japan, South Korea and the United States, but also in China and South Africa. Real connection tests in normal home conditions so far have shown achievable speeds of up to 9.2 Gbps, which of course depends on client hardware and server throughput. In addition to overall acceleration, increased productivity also means better options for every member of the family, who can enjoy unlimited gigabit access without having to share it with others.

“Today we are launching a service in the first Slovakian cities, which so far have been used by only a few developed countries around the world. In addition to the significant acceleration of our customers, we expect the 10G network to spur the arrival of new products based on ultra-fast symmetric connectivity,” Explains Igor Kola, CEO of Antik Telecom. “We expect our customers to be able to use this fast connection more and more – also thanks to the continued licensing of powerful computer equipment. Our goal is to push Slovakia significantly forward in the ranking of countries with the fastest internet – thus increasing the country’s competitiveness as a good place to live and do business. ”

Antik Telecom used 10G Ethernet technology to connect in the first sites. The no-obligation monthly fee is set at €17.92, and the incorporation fee at €250. The price includes customer activation of the optical connection terminated by the optical SFP module as well as a device-switch with four 10Gbps and one 1Gbps port. The operator also offers customers for sale a powerful Wifi6 router with metal and optical ports at 10 Gbps, or network cards with speeds up to 10 Gbps. To achieve maximum service usage, Antik further recommends that all devices in the home have a 10Gbps network interface and at the same time have at least CAT6 cabling as standard. The company will expand its services in other cities, and those interested can order services from www.antik.sk or 055 30 12345. Antik customer sites also provide advice on the correct selection of equipment in service availability.

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Appendix: Example of connection and equipment for using 10G Internet in the home.

ANTIK Telecom is the largest provider of gigabit Internet services and the combined economy in Slovakia. It operates its own network in thirty cities and nearly 200 municipalities throughout Slovakia, through which it provides telecommunications services – optical and wireless Internet connection, telephony, satellite and IPTV. It also provides in 15 cities shared transport services, in three cities also using e-mobility. Today, the number of Antik customers in various services has exceeded 100,000. The ANTIK Telecom laboratory is engaged in research and development of digital image processing technologies and IoT devices. Sister company ANTIK Technology, with its production base in Asia, is dedicated to the development, production or distribution of high-tech devices for digital TV, smarthomes, smart mobility and smart cities, used by operators, hotels and communities on five continents.

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