October 23, 2021

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Windows 11

Windows 11: Microsoft brings a new version of Windows. Is this a mandatory update? What do you need to know about her?!

On July 29, 2015, Microsoft made Windows 10 available to the general public. The new version of the operating system changed the model associated with new versions of the operating system. By 2015, with every major system update, Microsoft released a new version of Windows. From Windows 10, Microsoft began developing the operating system as a service. In practice, this means that with larger updates, the company no longer releases a new version of the operating system, but an update to the existing Windows 10 operating system.

Recently, we are about 6 years apart, Microsoft has started distributing the new Windows 11. What does this mean for end users, and will the same situation recur as when migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is still supported

Although there is no technical portal that does not write about Windows 11 update, so Windows 10 is still supported by Microsoft. And it will continue to support it until 2025, specifically until October 14. Depending on the (future) number of Windows 10 users, they may expand this support later, as they did with Windows 7.

at any rate, It’s still safe to use Windows 10 Updating to Windows 11 is not necessary.

Windows 11 is available for Windows 10 users

Windows 11 is available for free to all Windows 10 users Those interested in a new version of the operating system do not have to pay for it. But in a second, in order to download and install the update with the new operating system on your device, your device must meet the minimum hardware requirements.

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The most discussed topic regarding minimum hardware specifications is it is necessary Presence of a TPM 2.0 chip. TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module and is a unit that is either built into the computer’s motherboard or located in the central processing unit. It is a technology whose main goal is to protect encryption keys, user credentials, and other sensitive data hidden behind a hardware barrier. Of course, this is not the only requirement for a new operating system. However, this segment does not have a large number of devices, although it may be relatively new computers or laptops. You can check that your PC meets the minimum hardware requirements Health Check app from Microsoft.

Source: Vosveteit / Printscreen

How do you install fresh Windows 11?

Installing the new Windows 11 is very simple. The first method is through PC settings in the System and Security updates section. However, with the second breath, that should be added in this case You don’t need the update to be available right away. This is because Microsoft is gradually releasing the update with the new operating system version. In other words, you can make it available now, as well as in an hour, or two, or a few days, but also weeks. The second method is Via ISO filewhich you can download Directly from the company’s website. In this case, Microsoft recommends using the installation wizard, which you can download to your computer and then open the installation file and follow the onscreen instructions.

Windows 11 instalacia
Source: Vosveteit / Printscreen

What are the major changes in the new Windows 11?

Perhaps the first and most important change that catches the attention of users is Undoubtedly new and futuristic design. Microsoft has dug up every part of the system’s interface in one form or another. From our own experience, we have to say that the new Windows 11 is an operating system worthy of the 21st century. Also Microsoft It promises better performance, but also new applications. As for apps, it must be added that you can also get gro software for your Windows 10 device. One of the major innovations of the operating system is the integration of Android apps into the computer interface. Here, however, it must be said that this News is not available nowMicrosoft will make it available later. Microsoft has also integrated the Microsoft Team service into the operating system, improved support for virtual desktops, and improved connectivity between the device and other external monitors.

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Windows 11_introduction form
Source: Windows (Microsoft)

That should be said too The company made several improvements “under the hood”. These, for example, A new way to update the systemMicrosoft will only release one major update instead of two major updates each year. As a result of this change, it is generally expected that the system will be fine-tuned. It should also be noted that cumulative updates will be released as before and are expected to be around 40% smaller. As with updates, we will also have the estimated time it will take to install the update etc.

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