December 9, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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The SZĽH Executive Committee confirmed HC Slovan’s penalty and approved the redistribution of hockey sticks by the club.

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The Executive Committee of the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation (SZĽH), at its meeting on Monday, confirmed a penalty kick in the form of collecting three points for hockey club Slovan Bratislava outside the league for violating the players’ starting rules. VV SZĽH did not accept the “whites” appeal against the additional League Council ruling.

Slovan Bratislava was guilty in the first round at home against Dukla Trenchen in a 4:1 victory. According to the rules, individual clubs are required to have at least two players per match born in the year of birth 2002 or less or have vacancies for these hockey players .

Although the residents of Bratislava left a vacant place in the match, they occupied the other with older players. The League Council decided to withdraw three points from HC Slovan’s account, and the club appealed against VV SZĽH.

“After discussion, the Executive Committee has decided not to accept the appeal of HC Slovan Bratislava. The original decision of the League Additional League Council remains in effect, i.e. Slovan will lose three points at the end of the season. Personal stats for players will remain valid.” Quoted from SZĽH CEO Petr Kruľ Web HockeySl

On Monday, VV SZĽH also dealt with the distribution of more than five thousand hockey sticks between individual clubs. According to the official website of the federation, it is a material support and a reduction in the costs of players, respectively. parents. VV SZĽH approved the key to redistribute these hockey sticks.

“Each club from the Junior League will receive one hundred sticks, which is equal to five sticks for each player. In youth, there will be four sticks for each player, and two for students. We also support SHL clubs for players under 23, women’s clubs and universities. Peter Crowe explained and added: “It is in line with our long-term strategy to support the development and quality of hockey players and youth.”

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