December 9, 2021

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The hidden costs of small electronic stores can reach 600 euros per month - commerce and business - business news

The hidden costs of small electronic stores can reach 600 euros per month – commerce and business – business news

Opportunity cost sacrificed – or if you are engaged in activities you want to save on and could lose hundreds of Euros elsewhere.

21.10.2021 00:00

What is really behind the word “free”? How much do you, as a store owner, value your time? You may find it appropriate that your pay for the time you spend at work should be around €20/hour. If it should be less, you better get a job.

Now imagine a situation where someone prevents you from doing business for 2-3 hours a day. So for 2-3 hours you will not be able to look for ways to bring money to the company, how to earn more, or what marketing cooperation to arrange. If someone prevents you from doing something, you may suddenly want to do it, because you subconsciously suspect that this is important to your business.

And now comes the biggest paradox. If you fill out your orders yourself, depending on their daily numbers, then you are definitely forbidden to do business for 2-3 hours. Really, packing orders only cost you 40-60€ per day for your business.

You could argue that you’ll earn an extra 1,000 euros a month, but you’ve employed yourself in your own store as a packer and warehouse guy.

It starts with the innocent idea, “I’ll do it myself, I’ll do it for free, I’ll do it faster” and so on. You definitely need to decide how you want your package to look. Without a doubt, you are the heart of your online store. But why do it daily and limit your time to these tasks when working with it Carefillmentom It may cost you a little money.

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In addition to time, you keep your money in:

  • Envelopes or boxes
  • Packing materials
  • Warehouse space

You definitely need these things to cover your requests. If you want to have orders well packed, you buy for example also wood shavings or tissue paper. And you not only buy what you need on a given day, but you buy a minimum purchase quantity. What if you’d rather put that money into ads or training courses to improve your online business?

Fifth care You always only pay for what you use regularly. Send 7 orders a day, what package do you play with and even smell the orders? For example, you will pay only 7 x 1.5 euros, which is 10.5 euros.

If you store products at home that fit a few shelves on an Ikei shelf, you’ll pay up to €20 per month. The question is whether you meet the standards of hygiene and principles of health and safety at home.

Another topic is the correlation of working days The delivery time of the parcel to the post office or courier. Can you go on a Thursday evening ride when you guarantee customers the next business day delivery?

Can you leave home at 11 and come back at 18 when you know the shipping company is coming to pick you up at 13?

The owner of a small online store faces all this every day, and therefore deprives himself of better opportunities, thanks to which he can grow faster.

Additionally, v care We focus as much on making the order placement experience as beautiful as when you are filling your own orders. Tissue paper, wood filler, special scent, we do all this for other clients too.

care It is a combination of careful packaging: Care + Fulfillment = Care Our references include online stores such as www.bloomhair.skAnd, or

An example of how the Skinly brand is packaged can also be found in this video:

Take the best step forward this year and free yourself from the routine that takes away more money than you can save. Do it before the Christmas season and test how to have a freer mind to work, or spend this time with your family. And give your customers the experience of order dump.

go to the Fill in the contact form and you will be surprised how fast and simple it is.

Patrick Gonda, founder of Carefillment, will be interested in further communications and a smooth start to the collaboration. Patrick has been in the logistics business since 2013 and runs several online stores himself, so he knows exactly what to expect from the owners. Even if a bonus can help you get better prices Sending parcels by mail.

Patrick Gonda, founder of Carefillment

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