January 21, 2022

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The British pumps have run out of gas.  Don’t panic, Johnson insists, and stopping the military is in danger

The British pumps have run out of gas. Don’t panic, Johnson insists, and stopping the military is in danger

Gas stations in England Due to the chronic shortage of truck drivers, they are struggling with supply disruptions. Some pumps already have to be shut down temporarily, while others are due to many cars. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson So he called on the British to refuel as usual and try to make stuff. The government is considering appointing an army to distribute the fuel.

There is enough petrol and there is no one to bring it. After empty shelves in grocery stores, malfunctioning pumps are another impact of missing truck drivers.

Operation Eskelin

British Petroleum had to cut supplies, and reports that at least 1,200 petrol stations in the UK did not have at least one of the 50 fuels. Some, however, had to close temporarily due to BP Benzene It is good to drive to the pumps on the highways.

“The situation is bad, very bad” Hannah Hoffer, director of BP’s British branch, told a member of the British government last week. The resistor also affected the eso and shell pumps. So, according to the newspaper the government Times Is considering sending troops to deliver the fuel. “Operation Eskelin” However, it should only start when the situation worsens significantly.

Despite Prime Minister Johnson’s call for citizens not to panic, long lines were formed in front of the pumps, especially in the south-east of England.

The opposition working class is responsible for the Brexit situation and the new rules for hiring workers. “Drivers have to fill in dozens of pages of documents. The methods by which the government implements Brexit are undoubtedly signed into the entire system. But there are other factors.” Thinks one of the leading figures in Labor Annelys Dots.

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Controversy in government

There is also a controversy within the government over how to resolve the situation. Transport Minister Grant Shops is facing demands that Britain be more open to foreign workers and relax existing rules. But, the minister denies. He said he did not want to throw any possible solution under the table. However, he did not like too many foreigners in the country.

According to him, workers from Eastern Europe “Full years” Wages for British drivers were deducted, which British Fr. “Eligibility and Demand” They were not interested in the work and the vortex of missing workers was spinning.

He said it was not right that there were no drivers to look for Brexit, and that Britain’s exit from the EU allowed new workers into the industry faster than ever before. “Brexit is part of the solution,” Said the particular minister “Moves the earth and the sky”Solve the problem.

He points out that because of Govt, 40,000 job seekers had to postpone the necessary tests. So, according to Shops, the government will introduce a law to break the crisis. For example, twice as many people can take the test than before the infection.