January 28, 2022

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Novak, don’t get carried away! It is said that there is evidence of Djokovic vaccination – tennis – sports

Will he go? Isn’t it working? Was he vaccinated? it’s not? Speculation about Novak Djokovic’s participation in his first grand slam of the year has yet to subside.


Novak Djokovic in Paris.

The global tennis unit continues to refuse to publicly disclose whether it has been vaccinated against the Corona virus. Therefore, it is not clear if he will play in the Australian Open, where he can compete for his 10th title.

But only vaccinated tennis players will play in Melbourne. With Djokovic continuing to conceal his condition in this regard, speculation has been building for several months now.

However, more light appears to have been shed on this topic directly from Serbia. The local daily Blic provided interesting information through Radmila Armenolic – a former tennis player and compatriot Djokovic.

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“I don’t think Novak should make a drama out of it. He should say categorically whether he has been vaccinated,” the 80-year-old Belgrade citizen said today.

“We simply knew it at the time. It’s easy – if he wasn’t vaccinated, he wouldn’t be able to play. And that would be deficient for him.”

Although Armenulić does not know if the Grand Slam champion was vaccinated, he provided purported evidence that he did.

“It is very important that Novak wins the 21st Grand Slam. I think he will play in Australia and so he is vaccinated.

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My source claims that Novak was in Austria. As we know very well, only foreigners who have been vaccinated can enter it.”

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We’ll soon find out if that’s the case. Djokovic is currently focusing on other things. Serbia represents the Davis Cup final in Madrid.

In the quarter-finals, he will challenge Kazakhstan with his countrymen.