January 24, 2022

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Zuzana Belohorcová offered luxury housing: for this salt 3,500 euros per month!

Zuzana Belohorcová offered luxury housing: for this salt 3,500 euros per month!

The family was drawn to the island, especially in the warmer climate. In Marbella, Zusana has reportedly not been swimming in the sea at all since September, and is generally much more comfortable with warmer temperatures all year round. Since they wanted to stay in Europe, the decision on where to move was made in Tenerife. They had been living there for several months in a luxurious three-storey apartment with a great view.

Belohorcová has currently posted a video on Instagram, showing off their entire family. And believe me, there is something to envy! There is a stunning view of Miss Beach, the family has several terraces and a large pool. Zuzana and Vlasta live on the upper stage, and their son Nevio has a room there as well.

Zuzana Belohorcová lives with her family in a luxurious residence

Source: Instagram ZB

On the second floor there are common areas and a kitchen, the lower floor is for the guest room and the kingdom of Princess Salma, which leads directly from his room to the garden with the aforementioned heated pool. And what is the price of this luxury? “The property can give you such a house from 3,000 to 3,500 euros per month. We were lucky that we paid half a year in advance, and therefore made it worth three thousand, “ The former presenter admitted.

And since it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times, watch the video above, where you can see the whole apartment of Zuzana Belohorcová and her family for yourself!