January 27, 2022

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Zoom in/ Zoom out: They made robots that reproduce themselves

Weekly podcast on science news.

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This usually starts with worse science fiction movies. They’ve built robots, they’re alive, they can reproduce on their own, and finally everyone…or something. But now scientists have created something that looks like robots. This is something that can reproduce in a sense. This is good news.

This week, on the Zoom podcast, we’ll go to live reproductive robots, find out how the taste of spice is transmitted to breast milk, and see if they’ve found traces of neutrinos in the Great Hadron Collider.

Science summaries

Researchers have discovered a new type of dinosaur, which has a special tail. An animal the size of today’s dogs used this tail as a weapon, apparently prevented by moving it, as the tail has blade-like parts.

Astronomers have discovered a strange huge black hole In our Milky Way galaxy. It is located in the dwarf galaxy Lev I and it turns out that this formation probably does not contain the same amount of dark matter, but in the middle there is a black hole, which is almost as massive as ours.

Astronomers have noticed a new type of binary star. This object was predicted by theorists years ago, but only now has it been possible to confirm it. These are called transiting binary stars and are a kind of missing link in our binary star models.

Norwegian wolves are extinct. Genetic analysis has now shown that all wolves in Norway and Sweden are actually animals that originated in Finland, and that the original Norwegian wolves in the wild became extinct by humans in the 1970s.

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