January 29, 2022

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Zoom in / out: Find out why she gained weight after quitting smoking

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Two doses are not enough. I mean, we knew it against the new corona virus We will probably have to get vaccinated every year, after all, as well as against the flu. But preliminary results indicate that when it comes to appearance Omicron alternativeThree doses are supposed to help.

This week, on the Zoom podcast, we’ll see if Vaccines By taking the omicron, we will learn why man gains weight after dropping cigarettes, and we will also go into space to discuss whether Pluto should remain a planet.

Science summaries

The spacecraft has touched the atmosphere of our star. NASA It has now confirmed that the Parker spacecraft hit the solar corona at the end of April and spent five hours there. Thus, it became the first device to make direct observations from the solar atmosphere.

The hot blood may be older than we thought. The researchers have now found that heat absorption common in mammals and birds may not have evolved independently. The new hypothesis suggests that both groups actually come from a deeper past and a common ancestor.

MIT researchers have come up with a new plan That should drive the search for Venus. Future missions, some of which are privately funded, must search for life on this planet. The first missions should begin as early as 2023.

We have a common acidity. Now researchers have found that humans fly, too They see acid the same way. Drosophila uses the same proteins as human receptors. At the same time, this is the answer to the question of whether insects can perceive acidity at all.

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