November 28, 2021

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Zilina under the new coach did not work: Donajska Strida did not score any goal!

Zilina under the new coach did not work: Donajska Strida did not score any goal!

Pictured, the goal joy of DAC players Source: TASR – Lukáš Grinaj

ŽILINA – FC DAC 1904 The Dunajská Streda players won their Saturday match of Round 11 of the Fortuna League at MŠK ilina Stadium 2:0.

MSK Zilina – FC DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda 0:2 (0:1)
Target: 1. Lamkeel Z. 73. Dr. Krulyak. Judges: I. Krulyak – Hanko, Bozor, ŽK: Anang, Mraz, Bor, Rusnak – Lamkel Zee, Damon

Shilina: Petráš – Anang (56. Kaprálik), Minárik, Nemčík, Sluka – Fazlagi, Mráz (70. Iľko), Bičachčjan – Rusnák, Paur (70. Slobodník), uriš (77. Goljan)

Donajska Strida: Jedlička – Blackman (80. E. Davis), Kružliak, Muhamedbegovi, Ciganiks – Davis – Andzouana (67. Verlinden), Dimun, Schäfer, Lamkel Zé – Krstovič (56. Neníla), Hahn (67. Zuberu)

Donajska Streda took the lead in the first minute, when Didier Lamkel Zee fired from distance and beat goalkeeper Petras. A quarter of an hour later, the same player broke the net again, but the goal of the out-of-game position did not apply. Then the game calmed down, but the guests were in control of the match.

After the break, the pressure of the home team did not come to settle the matter. On the other hand, Davis – Andzouan had a chance to lead in the 47th minute but the home team’s defense held their positions and stopped the attack. This was his third goal of the match – a hat-trick for Byachugan. Dunajská Streda’s second goal was hung in the balance and was finally nurtured by Dominik Kružliak with a header after a corner kick. Gilina’s family did not enjoy the victory in the sixth meeting in the series.

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  • Source: TASR
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