December 2, 2021

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Zeman is reportedly already feeling better and is handing over tasks

Zeman is reportedly already feeling better and is handing over tasks

Prague Hospital is considering moving her from JIS to a regular room.

Nov 1, 2021 at 7:46 PM TASR

Prague. Czech President Milos Zeman He feels better and “gives orders and tasks.” This was stated by the Czech Deník N In reference to the statements of unnamed sources from the immediate vicinity of Zeman. According to them, the president has begun to issue clear and specific orders and tasks in recent days.

So Zeeman’s associates hope the Senate will not finally debate the possibility of removing the president’s powers.

The Central Military Hospital in Prague declined to confirm the president’s improvement, but said it was considering moving him from the intensive care unit to a regular hospital room.

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What did Zeman do last week?

On Monday, Zeman’s office announced the program the president has had over the past week, Informs the portal In addition to therapy and relaxation, according to her report, he also met his family and co-workers. In recent days, the hospital has also recruited, among others, its chief of staff, Vratislav Minai, and the director of its secretariat, Jaroslav Hlinovsky, or his legal representative.

The office also reported that the president receives media censorship and links from heads of other states as well as from citizens.

The office did not disclose any other information about Zeman’s current health.

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Where is the key to the crown jewels?

However, the castle reported in the report that It is during Zeman’s stay in the hospital that there is one of the keys to the Crown Room in Prague Castle, where the Czech coronation jewels, including the crown of St. Wenceslas, are stored.

According to the report, Zeman’s key is “preserved in a locked box in the secret archive of the Office of the President of the Republic” and can only be handed over to the President on his instructions.

According to the castle, the “President’s Signature Seal” is placed in the same way.