December 9, 2021

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Žabka store opened the tenth anniversary

Žabka store opened the tenth anniversary

Bratislava, November 4 (OTS) – Žabka continues to expand rapidly in Slovakia and has opened its 10th store, specifically in Koliba in Bratislava. Residents of Bratislava and visitors to the capital can quickly and without compromises buy the latest, for example, right in the heart of shopping in Bratislava – on Obchodná Street, where a new store has opened in abka since the end of October.

“We are proud to celebrate the opening of the 10th Žabka store in Slovakia. Our concept has found its supporters among customers who want to buy quickly and without compromise. I am glad that we are able to innovate the Žabka concept in new locations, especially in the capital,He says Miroslav Orana, General Manager of ABKA City in Slovakia. According to him, many Žabka customers want to save their time and therefore welcome the opportunity to make a quick purchase and use additional services that are part of the abka concept, such as delivery via Bolt Food, the opportunity to have coffee with you or even pick up your shipment.

– Žabka customers can shop in Bratislava in two more new stores. There are a total of six Žabka stores available in the capital.
– Žabka has already opened ten factories in Slovakia. The newest operations were opened in the heart of Bratislava – on Obchodná Street and also in Koliba, on Svätovavrinecká Street.
– Customers appreciate the carefully selected assortment for quick purchases, as well as additional abka services, such as the opportunity to buy freshly brewed coffee with you, pick up a package or buy online with home delivery.

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Žabka in the heart of Bratislava on Obchodná . Street

In the Žabka store located on Obchodná Street, customers can buy from, From 6.00 to 23.00, 7 days a week on the desktop 42 square meters. New products have been added to the offer of more than 1,300 products – Protein Bars, Peanut Spreads, Fruit Energy Candy and Bombos Date Syrup. In a few days, a useful service will also be added – a station for recharging phones and IQos devices. An integral part of the store is the ability to buy coffee with you. Very busy people from Bratislava can also use online purchase with Bolt Food delivery service in this abka store.

Peter Vara, who has already tried his own business in another sector, takes care of operating the new abka on Obchodná Street, and retailing is a new and challenging experience for him at the same time.

Image source: abka

Žabka is already in Koliba in Bratislava!

ABKA’s 10th Jubilee Store opens its doors to customers today i.e. Thursday 4th November. on the desktop 55 square meters It will offer shoppers 1,700 items. New is a special banana flour from the Express menu and a special tea and spread from Slovak manufacturer Mixit. The firecrackers will be opened in Koliba 7 days a week from 6 am to 10 pm. In addition to shopping, customers at this store can pick up their own package – use DPD’s delivery service – or replace their CO2 cartridges. Of course card payment, meal tickets and the opportunity to buy coffee with you. Busy people from the area can also buy at abka remotely – through one of the proven delivery services Bolt Food or Wolt. The store in Bratislava Koleba is run by Pavol Pavlich, who has many years of experience in retail. As he says, owning his own grocery store is a dream come true for him.

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How to achieve your dream of own business

“For many, owning their own business is a dream that our unique abka business concept can achieve. The concept operates in the form of franchising cooperation. Practically speaking, this means that every abka store in Slovakia is run by an experienced franchise partner. They can count on the support and expertise of Experienced Žabka team. As part of the cooperation, the franchise partner acquires a fully equipped store with regular supply, ” explain Miroslav Orana from abka.

“I am glad that in Slovakia today, even during the pandemic, we combine attractive shops with attractive business opportunities. We are always looking for and welcome advice on suitable premises and places where we can open new Žabka stores,” Complete Mr. Sorana.

After opening two new stores, Žabka will operate in Slovakia Ten stores. It opened its first store in September 2020 in Roshinov, Bratislava. Today, customers will find a total of six Žabka stores in the capital. Other stores have been added in Trnava, amorín, Malacky and more recently in Dunajská Streda. Next year, Žabka wants to focus on opening new stores in Nitra, Piešťany and Novozámok regions.

Žabka is interested in expanding its business, especially in the west of the country, in cities such as Trnava, Hlohovec, Bratislava, Nitra, Dunajská Streda, Pezinok, Senec, Malacky and the surrounding areas. Interested in Žabka’s Food Network? More information can be found at