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Žabka is expanding rapidly in western Slovakia, looking for jobs in Nitra and surrounding areas - SME

Žabka is expanding rapidly in western Slovakia, looking for jobs in Nitra and surrounding areas – SME

Žabka Grocery successfully continues to open new stores in western Slovakia.

27. September 2021 or 0:00

  • The Žabka food web continues to expand rapidly, looking for more space in the west of the country.
  • abka currently has eight operations open in Slovakia.
  • Customers appreciate the carefully selected assortment for quick purchases, as well as additional abka services, such as online shopping with home delivery.

Žabka Grocery successfully continues to open new stores in western Slovakia. Currently a team of a successful brand I’m looking for free spaces In Nitra and surrounding areas, Trnava, Senec, Pezinok, Hlohović, Bratislava, Dunajska Strida or Malachy. Anyone can send a recommendation.

The ideal places for new stores are In residential areas, around high-traffic towns and villages, or near public transit stations. New co-workers who want to run their own grocery store can also sign up for Žabka. Thus, even in the current difficult period of Corona crisis, Žabka will help people start their own business with enthusiasm and desire to run their own operations.

“The Žabka business concept in Slovakia is growing rapidly, inspired by the success of the neighboring Czech Republic, where it already operates more than 130 stores thanks to the cooperation with about a hundred franchisees. The new Žabka stores bring customers a quick purchase without compromise, thanks to a carefully selected selection of Food and other products.We are currently looking for workplaces for other abka stores throughout western Slovakia – in Nitra and surrounding areas.Ideal places are in city centers with high traffic of people, near busy public transport stations, in residential areas or in shopping centers and buildings offices,” reveal Miroslav Orana, general manager of abka city in Slovakia.

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Shabka restaurant has been open in Slovakia since September last year Eight stores – four in Bratislava and one in Trnava, Chamorin, Malaki and Dunajska Strida.

“ABKA is an attractive business opportunity even in times of the Corona crisis.”

Miroslav Durana, Zabka

Decide where to open abka!

abka is looking for new stores with an area of ​​60 to 120 square meters. Žabka is currently interested in expanding its stores, especially in western Slovakia, into cities like Žabka Nitra, Trnava, Hlohovec, Bratislava, Pezinok, Senec, Malacky and their surroundings. Ideal places are in parts of the city with high traffic of people, near public transportation stations, residential areas, shopping malls, or office buildings.

Anyone can now send a new space recommendation to Žabka. “We are very much looking forward to all the tips with interesting spaces where a new Žabka store can be set up – I know from my own experience that the most valuable advice will be created after considering whether to open my own store in a particular place,” Explains Miroslav Orana of Shapka. ABKA staff will also take care of the rental premises from a technical and maintenance point of view.

What spaces are we looking for?

  • Buildings in residential areas, in the city center or near important transportation hubs.
  • The size of the sale area should be about 60 – 120 m2.
  • The space should have good access to the street and the windows should be positioned so that it can be seen clearly.
  • It doesn’t matter if the workspace is owned by you or a third party.

Start a business with Žabka

Žabka brings to Slovaks with experience in retail or gastronomy a unique opportunity to build their own business, lead their own team, and develop their business skills. All this with the support of the enthusiastic Shapka team during the difficult period of the coronary crisis, when many entrepreneurs were forced to limit their activities.

“We are also pleased to welcome new partners to our team who are interested in operating Žabka food on the basis of franchise cooperation. This also applies to interested people who want to do business with Žabka and already have their own food,” Submitted by Miroslav Sorana.

business concept fireworks Works in the form of franchise cooperation. This means that every abka in Slovakia is run by an experienced franchise partner, who can always count on the support and knowledge of an experienced abka team made up of experts in all areas of retail. The great advantage of partnering with Žabka is that the franchise partner does not need a large capital to start a business.

Each partner will receive a fully equipped store with a regular supply, a proven business model, training and long-term support from experienced retail professionals.

You can also find more information at www.izabka.sk