January 21, 2022

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You've fallen on your ass from this, players in the new eFootball 2022 look disastrous

You’ve fallen on your ass from this, players in the new eFootball 2022 look disastrous

This year, Konami announced several changes to the popular Pro Evolution Soccer, also known as PES.

It first dropped the original title and replaced it with eFootball to inform them that the game would be available for free, which could be played across all platforms, including mobile devices.

It is the latest “improvement” in porting mobile games to PCs and consoles which is proving to be a huge problem that has sparked a torrent of negative and funny reactions on social networks these days.

According to the portal, the new eFootball 2022 game, which was officially presented to fans only yesterday, was according to the portal. 250 . steam It was instantly rated among the worst games ever. Its biggest drawbacks include cumbersome gameplay and weak AI for players.

However, the most notable feature is the graphics that sometimes turn players into unsuccessful zombie characters, and the Internet is instantly flooded with funny images of face models.

YouTube (screenshot)

Although many fans expected a drop in quality this year, which was confirmed in the last beta in an arcade style, unusual for this brand, the failure of such dimensions was expected by few.

One of the biggest differences in character battles and the presence of many bugs is immediately noticeable, when players’ arms and shoulders are bent so much that they will spend the next few months tied up in a hospital bed.

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Many critically minded fans of the Japanese company say that instead of buying and stealing licenses from rival teams in FIFE, they should invest more in what made the series so special, a good football simulation.

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Currently, eFootball 2022 is free to play, but only a minimum amount of content is available, and more will be added gradually over the fall and winter seasons. However, some game modes must be purchased by DLC. Konami wants players to be able to adapt their experience and only pay for what they want from the game. The question remains whether the current fiasco can be considered a great experiment.

Gallery of other failed images from the game You can see here: