April 17, 2021

YouTube suspends Murdoch radio station in the UK – World News

Alphabet Inc. has shut down a News Corp-owned radio station in the UK, claiming it violates the site’s content quality.

Links that led to TalkRadio’s YouTube page earlier Tuesday contained the message “Account suspended for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.”

“We urgently await a comprehensive response from Google / YouTube on the nature of the violation,” Doc Radio said in a statement, whose content is controlled by UK media watchdog Offcom. Representatives for YouTube did not respond to requests for comment, and it is not yet clear what triggered the suspension.

Blocking the news brand run by billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch is one of YouTube’s highest profile suspensions. It cited previous violations of the rules and took the content, including the account of the One America News Network, which supports Trump.

Murdoch’s News Corporation acquired Docradio’s owner Wireless Group in 2016 and has recently expanded its digital broadcasting media offer. He is an outspoken critic of Silicon Valley technology companies because he considers them the best contributor to advertising revenue.

Doc radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer complained about the move on Twitter. Without specifically naming YouTube, the senior minister asked government minister Michael Gove about the “censorship” on Tuesday morning.

Doc Radio calls itself the “home of free speech” in its Twitter biography and its providers have questioned the ingenuity of the government’s locking measures aimed at preventing the spread of the corona virus infection.

“We will continue to investigate government data. We have restrictions,” Doc Radio said. “We use verifiable resources and allow careful selection of voices and opinions.”

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