December 2, 2021

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Your good mood and your smile are already missing, “Ceco”

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My phone rang in the summer. I’m looking, Dusan Pasek. We met for years as a journalist – a player and later as an administrator.

I have always appreciated his desire, spirit and good mood. He also had this at the tennis tournaments over the summer, which we decorated here and there before the pandemic. Also, just as he enjoyed spending time with hockey players, he found his way to journalists. He knew they needed the job. Perhaps that is why he was able to quickly move between officials.

He has worked for Dr. Ivo Churkovic’s company before and they logically expanded their cooperation after establishing Bratislava Capitals Club. First in the first league and later in the ICE HL transnational, where they worked for the second season. The fact that he got a good touch on the players and coaches was also demonstrated by the way he brought Peter Drysitl into the club. Others were also interested in the German coach, but Pasek was able to include him in his new club.

That summer day, he called me and asked if I wanted to work for him. He was looking for a public relations manager to help him with media and marketing matters. I appreciate the show, but I told him that journalism, which I enjoy most, is of paramount importance to me. He annoyed me several times when we met later at the Ondrej Nepel Ice Arena, but he respected my decision.

In addition to the matches of the capitals, he did not miss the home duels of Slovan Bratislava, if his tasks allowed. For a while, it was speculated that he would not appear at the club in a functional role after the team returned from the KHL. He was following in the footsteps of his famous father. Now, with deep sadness, one thinks that Dushan Bashik Sr. died in 1998 at the age of 37, and his son was only a year younger than him…

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I admit that I dealt with the smaller “Cecom”, more than just a professional. Maybe because we were peers. I was very impressed with how he understood the joke. When The Capitals was formed, I mocked him for not looking like a club vice president, but rather like a rapper, wearing a beige suit and white sneakers. Choti laughed at that.

We mostly talked about hockey and the players. It looked positive from the outside. He was not in a bad mood, although he had to end his career when he was 31 years old due to back problems. Certainly earlier than planned. Two years ago, he tried it out for fun in the Czech Republic in the Hodonín Triple League, but only played three matches. He officially finished at Skalica, in which he played most of the seasons of his career.

Memory of Dusan Bashek Jr. And Boris Sadek, many honorary hockey fans came to pay tribute to the Ondrej Nepel Ice Stadium

Source: TASR

Qualitatively, he could not match the legendary father, but he was a strong hockey player in the extra league and won three titles. He was a great teammate, they loved him in the teams. Ferrovo also treated much younger boys. After all, he was credited with starting Marian Studenic’s career, which he mentored with Rene Shkolak, when he was dragged into their first squad in Skalica at the age of sixteen. He always smiled proudly when he saw Marian skate the New Jersey Devils in the NHL.

“Ceco” seemed to love and enjoy life to the fullest, but this was also said with his father…

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One expected his career to be more promising than playing. At the age of thirty-six, he had everything in front of him. And what is even more tragic is that we will write only in the name of Dushan Pasek Jr., instead…