December 2, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Young couple tending cemeteries in Slovakia

Young couple tending cemeteries in Slovakia

This week was marked by Dušičky and visits to the graves of our poor loved ones. Unfortunately, not everyone can go to the cemetery. Caring for loved ones’ graves is often difficult, especially if you’re busy or live far from the cemetery where your deceased rests. But you can still modify the grave!

A young couple from Bratislava, together with their acquaintances, decided that this would make the situation easier for people who do not reach the cemeteries. They provide assistance with tomb renovations. And it’s not just about the period of the soul!

Who can you order an unconventional favor from? take a look!

Lukáš and Slávka offer an unconventional service. They were inspired in Germany and today they prepare and care for graves in Slovakia. What prompted them most was the fact that in today’s troubled times, people often do not have to go to the graves of their loved ones – either they will not be allowed to work or long distances. But even some elderly people have health problems that I can’t go to the cemetery and take care of.

What do Slávka and Lukáš offer?

The young couple will represent you and do everything to ensure that the graves of your loved ones are clean, tidy and decorated. In addition to classic care, they will even take care of impregnation and grinding of the grave, carrying out stonework, renovating the grave site, as well as treating the surface of the grave.

They mainly work in Bratislava and the surrounding areas, but are also willing to go to other parts of Slovakia. This is how they looked after the graves in Martin, Kremenica or Trenchin. However, in such cases, the customer must also pay the shipping costs. However, many customers order this service to distant regions – thanks to the recommendations they received from their acquaintances.

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The photo shows the grave of actress Eva Kristinova.


So who would ask for such services? “It is difficult to define our target group. However, it is the elderly who no longer have the strength to take care of memorials to their dead, and then the middle-aged people who lack sufficient free time. There is also a younger group of our friends and acquaintances. Who recommend us to their parents,” Lukas explained.

His girlfriend Slávka adds: “Our last resting place is worthy of care. Our task is to care for the graves of our dear dead, who have left us hundreds of times here. In the troubled times today, we often do not find time for our loved ones, and not for the deceased.” He points out that by their services they provided to the market a comprehensive professional care of the cemeteries, so that the resting place always remained clean and dignified.

How do the graves modified by the party look? It’s beautiful, look!

So they want to create a beautiful space for the memories of their loved ones. They can assist you in the design, implementation and maintenance of the tomb.

How much do Slávka and Lukáš services cost? Read on the next page!