January 29, 2022

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You will not even call the emergency line from old BlackBerry mobile phones, as the manufacturer turns off services

The legendary BlackBerry executive cell phones have long ceased to meet current user standards, but they still work in practice. If you own an old mobile device, you can use it to make voice calls, send messages, or surf the Internet.

Starting tomorrow, this is January 4, 2022However, you are already an old BlackBerry mobile user do not callNot even on the emergency line. In addition, messaging will not work and the ability to connect to the Internet via WiFi and mobile data will be very limited. The company reports it on your site.

Despite the fact that the original manufacturer stopped producing BlackBerry mobile phones a long time ago, it still keeps the necessary operational infrastructure alive.

However, he did not intend to do so indefinitely. On January 4, the company shut down servers and related services, depriving old mobile phones of their basic functions. This step is drastic, because things like calling emergency services won’t work.

Blackberry 9320 Curve 2012 model

Specifically, the termination of support pertains to operating systems BlackBerry 7.1.1 and the elderlyAnd Blackberry 10 (The last version was released in 2013) and also PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier. The final nail in the coffin is logically given to the related services as well Blackberry LinkAnd messengerAnd ProtectAnd Globalism and others.

There are probably not many people in the year 2021 2022 Still using the old BlackBerry mobile phone. But even those few relics should know that its hardware will become a virtually unusable piece of metal, plastic and integrated circuits after January 4.

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OnePlus 10 Pro set for January 4th

What really happened to the original BlackBerry? He’s still there, but his focus has changed. Canadian RIM Corporation, which once produced BlackBerry mobile phones, has transferred its resources to High security software development. It is offered to businesses and governments under the BlackBerry Limited brand.

RIM stopped producing mobile phones in 2016. However, it has leased the brand license To the Chinese producer TCLWho made Android smartphones under it Blackberry Key One a key 2. Of course, the shutdown of services in January does not affect them.

However, the BlackBerry brand did not achieve the expected success of the Chinese company TCL. In 2020, it ceased production of smartphones under this brand, guaranteeing software support for the current model until August 2022.

The famous brand of the mobile phone industry did not deviate for a long time. Opportunities Catch a new playerAnd onwards. In collaboration with FIH Mobile, it wanted to launch a new BlackBerry smartphone with 5G connectivity, premium design, hardware keyboard and Android operating system in 2021.

However, the plans for OnwardMobility are stuck somewhere, and the announced novelty has not yet been presented. Corporate spokesperson for PC Mag ale server advertiserThey continue to develop “the most productive, friendly and secure mobile device”. She did not provide further details, and perhaps they can be trusted.

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