October 22, 2021

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More action, less story?

As we learned yesterday, French studio Quantic Dream, designers of games like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, are working on a Star Wars game story designed for all major platforms (except Switch).

If the name of the Quantic Dream studio were mentioned, most of us would imagine games that focus more on the story and the consequences of player decisions on the story component, playing the third fiddle playability. However, if you were expecting exactly this from the studio’s new game, only in the Star Wars universe, we might surprise you.

The Kotaku website has been able to discover interesting things about the upcoming game through its own resources. They confirmed that the studio has been working on the new project for about 18 months, but according to their information, it should be a game with a more traditional and even open-world gameplay, and the studio is also considering an online component.

Kotak’s information is also indicated by job offers in the studio itself. These refer, for example, to a game designer for competitive elements, a designer for game economics, people with experience in live service games and developers who have experience working on games in the open world. Obviously, you don’t need people with such experiences if you want to stick with the traditional Quantic Dream template.

So we’ll see what comes out of this secret project in the end. However, it looks like the game may also attract players who weren’t too interested in the studio’s previous productions.

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Source: Kotaku

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