November 30, 2021

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You may have forgotten these: 10 High-Quality Movies You Can Find On Czech Dubbing Streaming Services

You may have forgotten these: 10 High-Quality Movies You Can Find On Czech Dubbing Streaming Services

Streaming services are not just about series or movie news. In the libraries of Netflix or HBO GO, you can find a number of lesser-known movies or old photos that you watched but forgot over time. You can now remember them.

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If you are a moviegoer and do not want to watch anything in its original version with subtitles, then the following selection of ten images will be especially suitable for you. And if you want to watch high-quality movies that you may have forgotten in time, you will be very happy.

from broadcasting services Netflix a HBO GO We have picked such films that are no longer new, you may have already seen them, but they are definitely worth watching again. And if you haven’t seen it at all, you should fix it ASAP.

The first godfather – the third

Choosing the movies that every true movie buff should watch and that can be watched all the time, we start with the director’s cult trilogy Francesa Forda Cobuli s Marlon Brandom staring.

The masterpiece is a harrowing depiction of the rise of the Sicilian family in the United States and its journey to the brink of loss of power, as the director more subtly balances a vision of family life with the disgusting underworld in which Corleone was. The family was involved.

We think this criminal drama is based on the motifs of the author’s book Maria Buza There is no need to present it further. In addition to the brand, they have presented themselves in it Al PacinoAnd Robert DuvalAnd Robert De NiroAnd Diane Keaton and others. Spiritual father It belongs to the jewels of cinema and won three Oscars. All parts of this cult trilogy can be found in Czech dubbing on HBO GO.

love vincent

Inconspicuous, but amazing and very beautiful. However, one can describe an adult animated film that depicts the last days of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh.

The animator’s blend of feature film and original oil painting animation is shot to be even more accurate – thanks to 66,960 paintings by 125 artists from around the world and based on 94 original works by Van Gogh. The text was created on the basis of 800 characters, which the famous painter addressed mainly to his brother.

glimpse With love, “Vincent” It resonated with viewers and critics alike, although many viewers in our home did not choose to go to the movies due to their privacy. Now you can fix it, you can find the movie on Netflix with Czech dubbing.

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Eternal sunshine for a clean mind

“The best movie ever Jim Carrey published “ Film buffs are used to talking about this movie. And maybe it will, and it could be a long-running debate. The eternal light of the pure mind It’s a timeless drama that plays with the idea of ​​two people’s love and the urge to forget it, often bordering on science fiction elements.

The main character is Joel (Carrie), who is devastated when he learns that his lifelong love is Clementine (played by her). Kate Winslet) erase their troubled relationship from memory. Therefore, out of desperation, he contacted the inventor of this intervention Tom Wilkinson) to do the same for him. However, as Joel’s memories gradually fade, he realizes how he still loves Clementine.

The Eternal Light of the Immaculate Mind is one of the most original themes of twenty-first century cinema. That’s why he rightfully won an Oscar Best Original Screenplay. In addition to the above trio actors in this image, you can also see other familiar faces – Kirsten DunstAnd Elijah and Woody whose Mark Ruffal. You can find the movie on HBO GO.

Revenant: Revenant

The first movie that Leonardo DiCapriovi Bringing the coveted Oscar, he simply can’t miss here either. You can find this adventurous drama with Czech dubbing on Netflix, but also on other streaming services available in our country (for example on Box movie +).

back It is set in the wilderness of the American West in the year 1823. Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) and his son go on an expedition with a fur hunter. But in the midst of deep and unexplored forests, he encounters the Indians, and for this he changes the direction of his path. It is fatal for him to meet an angry bear.

He will survive the attack of a predator, but is a huge burden to the other members of the campaign. So the remaining members decided to kill him and bury him. But Hugh has strong roots and, having managed to free himself from his grave, continues on his way and wants revenge by killing him and his young son.

Dobrý will hunt (good will hunting)

Until they wrote the script and won an Oscar for it, everyone thought they were just pretty faces of Hollywood. The story of the birth of the first attempt to write a screenplay by actors Pina Affleca a When is Damona? Everyone knows. So why not remember this psychological drama again years later?

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The main character is a troubled young 20-year-old Will (Damon) who has a photographic memory, and makes a living as a cleaner at a prestigious university. In his spare time, he hangs out on the streets of Boston with a group of regulars, his best friend Chuck (Aflick) and his rich friend Skyler. When cleaning a classroom, the young man notices a complex mathematical example written on the board, which the students have to solve.

He will solve it anonymously, and Professor Lambeau decides to track down the young man, knowing that he is most likely a genius. But at the time, Will was serving a prison sentence for assaulting a police officer. Therefore, Lambeau pulls the strings and reminds Will that he will not have to go to the bass if he meets the conditions: he will study mathematics once a week and undergo psychotherapy. You can find the movie on HBO GO.

kick ass

No, we won’t miss the comics in this selection of movies. On Netflix, you can watch the first part of the action comedy directed by Matewa Funa titled kick ass.

Teenager Dave (playing with him Aaron Taylor Johnson) A normal boy. The only thing he enjoys is comedy, which inspires him so much that he decides to get pregnant, which makes him a superhero. Unfortunately, he lacks the most important thing, and therefore he lacks superpowers. However, even this does not discourage him, and like any good hero, he invented a nickname – Kick-Ass.

big fish

The film is so beautiful and so colorful that you feel that the director’s name does not suit him at all. He is behind the quote of the book of the same name Tim Burton, director of worship and black films Scissorhand EdwardAnd Osbala give whose Sweeney Todd.

Edward Bloom (played by him across different eras in the film Albert Finney, however, more Ewan McGregor) was always a passionate narrator of the amazing stories he experienced during his youth. At that time his love of travel led him on an amazing expedition around the world.

His legendary adventures include giants, werewolves and Siamese twins, singing and enchanting with glass eyes that can see into the future. These tales enchanted everyone except for his son Will (played by Billy Crudup). But then when Edward gets sick, his wife Sandra (in turn… Jessica LangeHe will try to persuade his son to return to his father. big fish Found on HBO GO.

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its origins

A selection of high-quality movies on streaming services without work from Christopher Nolan? No, that won’t really work. Especially if you can find in the library not only the famous Batman trilogy, but also his most famous movie called the beginning.

He’s already found himself in all sorts of ratings for the best movies ever made, and every praise for him is ever there. The thrills that baffle you revolve around travel into dreams and human consciousness, and the main roles have once again been played by first-class actors as Leonardo DiCaprioAnd Joseph Gordon – LovettAnd Elliot pageAnd Tom Hardy and others. You can find the movie on HBO GO.

The dawn of the dead

Director’s name ZAKA SANADERA In recent years, many have associated primarily with DC comics, or with two recent Netflix projects. Yes, Snyder is one of the talented directors, but many may not even know that his directorial debut has drawn a lot of attention. He was recreating the horror of a zombie cult The dawn of the dead.

Which is really cool, attracting not only viewers, but critics as well. He took his view of the zombie apocalypse in a completely different way from his predecessors – in this horror, bloodthirsty zombies do not slowly walk to survive, but they can escape. And that’s exactly what made the modern Dawn of the Dead movie really great, which you can now find on HBO GO.

Monsters Inc.

And after the horror comes a fairy tale for young and old, which you will find on HBO GO not only in Czech, but also in Slovak dubbing!

Visit a world inhabited by a variety of monsters, whose main task is to generate energy by frightening children in the human world. An original animated comedy from the studio Pixar It is an image that will be enjoyed by all ages, at any time. There is also a sequel called monsters University (University of Monsters), which you will also find on the live streaming service with Czech and Slovak dubbing.

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