January 22, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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You left a sinister Facebook

Today, Facebook is a completely different place than ever. No longer a place for fun and quirky situations, we asked our friends if they would go out. However, everything is moving in some direction and Zuckerberg’s platform is no exception. However, it was Facebook that took the evil path.

Hate comments, opinion on everything and a channel for questionable politicians. This is Facebook at the moment. People have no problem attacking a minor or wishing for someone’s death. it’s scary.

Thanks to this, many important people decided to leave Facebook. Just mention Sam Mark or Marcel Forga. They are not the only ones and have nothing to ask for. They’re tired, just like us regular folks, seeing all that rage. It can be understood, but I do not agree with it.

You may have heard it from several people. Do not leave. Of course, we know you’re here, but you’ve left a public space for evil to grow even more without you.

It is a request and a desire at the same time. You shouldn’t, and at the same time, we shouldn’t all leave the Facebook hate. I know the platform that gave up long ago should take care of this, but what happens if we give up too?

Populists will gain more power. Politicians and their supporters rejoice. Stop having opponents who set up their mirrors politely and objectively. Hate and anger are on the rise, and thanks to this social network, people can already go to someone’s house and threaten them. Leaving more space for these people will only get worse.

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Please come back. This company does not deserve you but this country needs you.