November 28, 2021

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You have up to 47 times the risk of contracting a virus

You have up to 47 times the risk of contracting a virus

An apple

Sideloading is, at least for An appleVery controversial topic. This term represents downloading applications on a device outside of official stores, such as the App Store in iOS or Play Store v Android. The difference between the two platforms is that while Google is relatively open about sideloading, Apple hates it and sees this app acquisition process as very dangerous.

Apple protects its ecosystem with dignity. But for now, processes and negotiations are still ongoing, which could force the US manufacturer to drop protectionism and thus become more open to third parties, he says. CPO . Magazine.

Android is supposed to be 47 times more vulnerable to malware

Of course, he is well aware of this and that is why he launched a campaign in which he tries to confirm his opinion with the indirect help of his rival. Specifically, it seeks to combine Google’s open approach with an increased risk of malware infection. Apple claims that Android devices work 47 times more likely to be contacted by malware. In this context, he added that enabling app sideloading could lead to waves of cyberattacks that could cause significant damage to iOS integrity.

iPhone 13

The statistics do not end here. Apple has indicated that the risk of contacting malware is approximately 15 to 47 times 6 million attacks a month and up to 230,000 new infections every day. Yes, those numbers don’t really shine a spotlight on Android.

Apple will be concerned about user safety even if sideloading is limited to verified third-party stores. It still does not have sufficient control over the installed content and also indicates the risk of fraudulent transactions.

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Is iOS as secure as Apple offers?

Although this is a very aggressive campaign, Apple was right about certain things. Sideloading certainly carries some risks. On the other hand, the recent Pegasus spyware showed that iOS is as vulnerable to cyber attacks as its biggest competitor, despite its restrictive policies. Nothing is simply perfect.

Will Apple’s arguments be enough for the relevant authorities to change their position on the obligation to allow sideloading? Only time will prove it. European Commission However, he claims that the company is trying to find these sharp opinions An excuse for antitrust violations, Straight. Anti-competitive laws.