December 9, 2021

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You can't move New World characters between regions

You can’t move New World characters between regions

new worldThe server transport system may not be as flexible as originally suggested. Amazon first said that players can, for example, switch between servers in different regions, allowing you to transfer a character from a North American server to a European server. Yesterday they confirmed that this is not the case.

The Amazon MMO has proven to be very popular because players have to stick to long queues on their servers. To make queuing easier, Amazon It is suggested that players connect to a server with a low populationThe development team prefers a new feature that allows players to switch characters between servers.

The idea is: play on a server you can now, and in a few weeks move to a server where your friends are. a Tweet from an official New World account “Yes, you can go between areas if you like,” he said clearly.

Yesterday a new global community manager Provided an update to server porting feature. The main news is that the update has been pushed back to next week, but “it can teleport your character to any world in your area.” Later, a Topic “Server Transfer Questions” Clearer says:

Are the previous problems with the “switch to any server” message not real?

Unfortunately, the information originally provided was incorrect.

It’s clearly bad news for players who have invested dozens of hours in a character who can’t play with friends at the moment.

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It’s a shame, because in addition to being famous, Alice B has a lot of fun with him Overview of the new world Progress