January 21, 2022

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You can travel to the United States from November if you have been vaccinated.  The country has changed the rules

You can travel to the United States from November if you have been vaccinated. The country has changed the rules

The United States is lifting restrictions on those vaccinated from the European Union and Britain. Starting in November, you can travel to the United States if you have been fully vaccinated. The requirement is that you should be after two doses of the vaccine or after one dose of the single-dose vaccine. You also need to test negative for three days. You must wear a headscarf during the flight and provide the phone number and email address to the authorities. Report it today financial timesHowever, the White House has not yet commented on these reports.

According to TV CNN Lifting the restrictions would delight thousands of Europeans who have relatives in the United States and have not been able to see them since the start of the pandemic.

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According to US television, this is a welcome move by President Joe Biden to mend fractured relations with the European Union, among other things regarding the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Easing the restrictions will also help tourism companies, which have lobbied the US government to that end.

The first restrictions on entering the country were imposed by the United States under President Donald Trump for travelers from China in January 2020. Later, the states of the Schengen area, Brazil, South Africa and India were added to the list. They also closed the borders with Canada and Mexico.

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Joe Biden has maintained a ban on entry to European Union passengers whose travel was not eligible by the authorities. He identified the reason behind the spread of the most contagious coronavirus in the Delta.

New York. Source: Unsplash / Oliver Niblett

However, more and more European leaders expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation. They pointed out that countries succeeded in controlling the disease through intensive vaccination. In addition, restrictions imposed by the United States did not apply to some countries with a worse epidemiological situation.

The European Union opened its borders to Americans in June, but in August it again removed the United States from the list of safe countries whose citizens do not have to be quarantined or tested.