January 21, 2022

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Workers in Italy threaten to close ports due to forced coronavirus

Employees who do not prove covidpas at work should be barred from entering the workplace from Friday.

Italian authorities are anticipating widespread protests against the imminent obligation to prove himself in business with covidpas – a certificate of vaccination or beating covid, or a negative test for coronavirus. This obligation applies to all employees in the country as of Friday. On Wednesday, APA reported that if the government does not cancel it, port workers in Trieste, Genoa and Naples are threatening to close the ports.

Of the nearly 1,000 employees at the port of Trieste, 40 per cent are unvaccinated and refuse to be tested. The tests should cost 15 euros and will only be valid for 48 hours.

The head of the port administration, Zino D’Agostino, threatened to resign in the event of a siege. Concerned about port closures, the Home Office offered a compromise: Port employers must offer free tests to employees. However, workers at the port of Trieste refused, saying they would close the port until this “unconstitutional and discriminatory” regulation across Italy was abolished.

Paolo Aug, president of the Conftrasporto-Confcommercio, warned in a letter from Prime Minister Mario Draghi of the logistical chaos, as many truck drivers, especially from abroad, do not have covidpass. As a result, ANITA chief Thomas Baumgartner warned that “there is a real risk of a mass escape” for these drivers from Italy.

Employees who do not establish themselves at work through covidpas should be prohibited from entering the workplace from Friday, their absence will be considered unjustified and therefore will not be paid.

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On Saturday, 100,000 people demonstrated against the forced Covid-19 disease in Rome alone, with demonstrations in other Italian cities.