January 21, 2022

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Work in a bank no longer filled her, and she began to make women's shoes.  Now the president is also wearing her pumps

Work in a bank no longer filled her, and she began to make women’s shoes. Now the president is also wearing her pumps

Providing banking services has occupied me a lot. Working with clients was creative because we tried to customize the product for them. When I started in the field, the Swiss system was an inspiration for us. I was not only responsible for finances, but also for the full service. This means the preparation, design, strategy, and communication of banking products. Later I selected the staff, I was the director of private banking. When I left the bank, I took the position of director of the family office, so I took an interest not only in the financial affairs of the client, but also in bequeathing his property. It was necessary to set up their business so that it was clear where he would go if something happened or the owner retired, ”describes the focus of her work in which she has worked for fifteen years.

Stylish pumps go through many hands during production Photo: K. Sásiková . Archive

He wears heels every day

When Catherine felt it during her second maternity leave Creativity and inspiration They’ve hit the roof at work and she has nowhere to grow, and she’s starting to think about her own business. “I can’t say I’m exhausted because I was leaving at the right time when I achieved my dream and was ready to pursue a new goal. I wanted to create something‘ he says. Since her family roots led her to making shoes, she didn’t hesitate.

In the past, relatives sewed shoes for American soldiers in Bardeyev. So I chose them to give me advice or recommendations or I was thinking of collaborating. None of this happened, because sewing men’s shoes and pumps is completely different. In addition, the Bardejov company has not been in business for a long time. According to my results, only sneakers and slippers are sewn in Slovakia in Partizansky, and all other types of shoes come from abroad. Although I tried very hard to make my creations for women based on the Slovak factory, at the moment this is not possible. Just to open my own. But this is just the music of the future,“Stylish clothing lovers continue. But just at work, and out of it, he has no problem wearing punk style.

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Each boat consists of sixteen parts.
Each boat consists of sixteen parts. Photo: K. Sásiková . Archive

There were tears in the first pair

From the very beginning, the businesswoman had a clear idea of ​​what her shoes would look like and who would wear them. “The simplicity, leather quality, and orthopedic soles were the obvious hallmarks that I still stick to today. Since my dad is a trauma specialist, I had the opportunity to consult the design for the medical side with the orthopedic technician he worked with. However, I’m not saying that they meet the standards for shoes that an orthopedic surgeon would praise, but they are still heeled shoes. However, I tried to support the most stressed parts of the feet.

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