January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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With these tips, you can catch up with your business lover as well as work, school or kids

With these tips, you can catch up with your business lover as well as work, school or kids

Almost half of publishers (people who create their own websites to make money) build their online business alongside other businesses. So during the day they work full time and in the evenings or on weekends they build their web project. Many others build their projects alongside school or kindergarten.

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The motive for such a hipster is obvious – to earn more, build your own thing or turn a hobby into a business. But how do successful publishers manage it?

1. They know what to sacrifice

The first thing any publisher feels is sacrifice. Should Less to watch TV, less to go for a beer or less to scroll on Instagram. He simply sacrifices a lot of small things for the benefit of his work.

Two hours for a beer, an hour on the show and an hour of tapping your cell phone before bed – all together half a working day. How much can you do at work in four hours? And how much would you do if you did it yourself?

Sacrifice the time you spend unproductively – measure how much you get in a month. You will see that working on your own project is not impossible at all.

2. They have discipline

You become a publisher when you regularly post content on your site. It’s easy to say, but after several articles you start to be a real cat. Plan the activities and divide them between web development, publishing plan, and content production itself.

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network development It means for example SEO or WordPress updates. You need to make sure your site is easy to find and use.

Publication plan – What are you going to write about? When will you publish an article, video or photo? What will you add to social networks? The plan will make it easier for you to set aside time and give you an overview of what you will be doing in the near future.

Content Production Is writing articles, photography or photography. After a few weeks, you will find out how much it takes to produce and you can count on it. It will improve over time. You stop waiting for inspiration and Get started with purpose. Creativity is like a muscle – when you train it, it gets stronger. If you let him weaken, everything will be much more difficult.

3. They constantly acquire new technical knowledge

The publisher is a businessman. And you have to constantly evolve in business, otherwise the competition will overtake you. Successful publishers are constantly learning Not only in the core domain (which I write about on my website) but also in the business itself. They improve their websites, learn to write compelling headlines and search for new and fresh sources of inspiration…

Only sites that are regularly filled with content can earn money. And for continuous creation, you need to know more and more. You can turn all this new information into new articles, a faster website, or more subscribers to your newsletter.

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