January 24, 2022

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Winter Maintenance - Snow Removal in USA - Autobazar.sk

Winter Maintenance – Snow Removal in USA – Autobazar.sk

If there’s one thing that doesn’t really work in Slovakia, it’s transportation. The problems are related to poles and road construction and maintenance. The way it works in our country with winter maintenance is a frequent source of disappointment and entertainment not only on the Internet.

Abroad, winter maintenance is so effective in many countries that it can inspire us at least a little bit at best. The US State of Minnesota Department of Transportation has a 100% working solution. Snow removal from the road – efficiently and quickly. Setting up the machines and the snow removal technology used is not complicated at all.

In addition, the work done not only pleases the eyes of the concerned drivers. The comprehensive solution to the situation and the elimination of problems caused by a continuous layer of snow on the road is very effective and fast. In this particular case, 6 plows were involved in adjusting the road, which literally solved the problem in the blink of an eye. The fact that the multi-lane section of the road was immediately easy for drivers makes this form of work a very interesting approach. Multi-stream snowfall solution
Drivers will surely praise the roads in our country as well.

A sophisticated way to remove the ice sheet “at once” with the help of several machines will surely win you over. Snow removal in the United States is worth paying attention to. Judge for yourself, watch the video. How do you evaluate the effectiveness and complexity of this method in the maintenance of winter roads? Would a similar system suit our circumstances? How do hard-to-reach travelers travel?
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Source: facebook Minnesota Department of Transportation

Image source: video facebook Minnesota Department of Transportation