January 16, 2022

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Windows 11 will have ads, but it's not stable yet

Windows 11 will have ads, but it’s not stable yet

The Start menu has been redesigned, but some habits haven’t changed.

It’s about inclusion promotional linksMicrosoft agrees to place it in the Start menu. We encountered this in Windows 10 and Microsoft may have found it a profitable space to annoy users. However, as the site indicates BetaNewsUnexpected problems may occur.

Ads for Edge, Teams, or other products of this company can still be accepted somehow. Advertising is ingrained everywhere, and it does not seem strange or unnatural to many. We already meet him directly in the apps. Distort the start menu this way, which is a must-have for the user, does not add popularity to Microsoft. But only if you don’t realize that we’ve lived in times when it wasn’t a show to start advertising.

Alright, let’s finish coughing Ethical issue – But recently, stability problems have appeared.

Taskbar and Start menu stop responding. The problem was with the Beta and Dev versions, which were released only a few days ago. Will any advertising app keep these components at hand? Although there is an argument that beta and beta issues can be expected, we still can’t get rid of the feeling of ad code infiltrating the operating system.

Source: BetaNews

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