January 21, 2022

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Windows 11

Windows 11 should only receive one major update in 2022. When will we see it?

The latest operating system from Microsoft It slowly but surely reaches most users. new Windows 11 However, it is still not available in a lot of devices, which delays its rapid adaptation across all devices. As one group of old Windows 10 users prepares for the news, current Windows 11 users are eagerly waiting Main system update. It should bring other major improvements, but according to the latest reports, we won’t see them with just a thought.

Microsoft switches to one update per year

Microsoft announced this year that it will slowly but surely switch to the new update system only once a year. Of course, these changes will affect updates for the new operating system Windows 11. It should receive its first major update as early as 2022. The latest news posted on the portal WindowsCentral.com However, they will not satisfy users who were waiting for the update in the early months of 2022.

Big update in summer soon

The so-called OEMs are not expected to receive the RTM version of the update expected next year for Windows 11 until May 2022. For regular users, this means that distribution on their devices will start next summer at the earliest, i.e. approx. In June 2022. As usual, we need to prepare for a relatively long distribution process. The latest update certainly cannot be expected on all devices in the early days of its publication. Single Distribution can take an entire summer.

Sun Valley 2 is still under cover of secrecy

The upcoming version of Windows 11 is called Sun Valley 2, and we don’t know much about it yet. Traditionally, many functions that already exist or we will soon see within the program can be expected Windows 11 Insider. However, Microsoft has not yet released at least a rough list of news that we can look forward to in advance. The currently tested features and news can be expected in a . formatImproved and completely redesigned apps Photos, Notepad, Improvement widgets or Significant improvements in system settings.

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