December 9, 2021

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Windows 11 on Macs with M1?  The unimaginable can become a reality

Windows 11 on Macs with M1? The unimaginable can become a reality

Microsoft recently made the decision not to release a copy Windows 11 Designed for Apple devices running M1 series processors. The reason was not clear to us at the time, but today it is different. As the server writes XDA DevelopersIt appears that he is behind a confidentiality agreement with the manufacturer, Qualcomm.

This agreement explains why so far we’ve only seen chips from the company on ARM PCs Qualcomm. The two companies had and still have a cooperation that prevents competition from other manufacturers. However, this agreement is set to expire gradually, which could lead to several interesting scenarios.

Windows on Macs? It’s possible

It is likely that after expiration, Microsoft’s Windows operating system will also appear at the highest level Computers from AppleWhich drives the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. For example, he can also participate in combat Samsung with him xenosomy. In other words, Windows 11 may appear on many compatible ARM chips, not just those from Qualcomm. However, it is not yet known exactly when this agreement will expire.

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Let us remember that so far we can only talk about the future development of the situation at a hypothetical level. It may also happen that the agreement is renewed after its expiration, so nothing will change. For now, we have no choice but to wait.

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