January 28, 2022

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Will the United States send troops to Ukraine?  Biden's reaction

Will the United States send troops to Ukraine? Biden’s reaction

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the United States was “not on the table” to send troops to Ukraine to deter Russia from a possible invasion.

Reuters reported Thursday evening. Biden said the United States had a moral and legal obligation to defend NATO allies if they were attacked. However, this obligation does not apply to Ukraine.

“It will also depend on what other NATO member states are willing to do … well, the United States is unlikely to use force to counter Russia in connection with the invasion of Ukraine,” Biden told reporters.

The US president also said that during Tuesday’s talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he made it clear In the event of an invasion of Ukraine, Russia faces economic consequences of unprecedented proportions. According to Biden, Putin understood this warning.

The Russian president also said in a meeting on Tuesday that Moscow would send proposals on Ukraine to Washington within a week.

Biden said he hoped to announce on Friday high-level meetings with Russia and NATO member states to discuss “Moscow’s concerns about NATO” as well as a possible reduction in tensions on the “Eastern Front”.

Biden and Putin spoke via video link Tuesday for about two hours. The summit is seen as a vital opportunity to defuse tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border, where Russia has sent up to 100,000 troops, sparking strong fears of a major war in Europe.

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