December 2, 2021

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Will the new city project help single mothers in Prešov? – Richard Dubovich





We feel the lack of social services in the city of Prešov, especially basic services for the disadvantaged population (elderly, disabled, single parents and long-term unemployed).

I am part of an initiative that wants to help the people of Prešov in their difficult life circumstances.

In our opinion, the city of Prešov does not have a sufficiently well-established social service offering, which we want to change by creating urban social enterprise.

How will social enterprise help the population?

The social enterprise of the city of Prešov must initially provide the following services:

1. Tourism support – Actively trained staff will help the elderly, disabled residents and visitors to get to know the city of Presov and organize sightseeing tours in the Presov region.

2. Promote culture and sports – Organizing local cultural events for the elderly and people with disabilities, assisting in visiting cultural and sporting events in Prešov.

3. Mobile Services – A guarantee of moving within the Prešov region, even with modified cars.

4. Rental and management of social housing – Startup apartments for young people from children’s homes, for single parents (mostly mothers), the elderly and the disabled.

5. Prešov social laundry, auxiliary gardening and cleaning services – In these services we will help to start the integration and especially the work habits of the long-term unemployed and we will also provide a space for a sheltered workshop.

What steps are we taking?

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We called the project for creating this social enterprise “Social Prešov 2022”. In order to implement the project, we came up with the following specific points and actions:

1. We will treat Not-for-profit organizations and communities, which is dedicated to helping the underprivileged, the elderly and the integration of marginalized communities, and we will ask them to help launch the “Social Prešov 2022” project.

2. The city of Prešov will create a social enterprise With a focus on achieving a positive social impact on the residents of the city and its surroundings.

3. Prešov Training of employees and management to manage a social enterprise. The employees of the social enterprise will assist in the training and development of the unemployed and the long-term disabled.

4. To be raised in a social institution A space for work and social integration Disadvantaged and long-term unemployed.

5. The social enterprise may also offer Startup rental apartments For young people from children’s homes, for single parents (mostly mothers), the elderly and the disabled.

6. The social enterprise will also provide Indirect financial assistanceC – exchange. Residents who find themselves in a poor financial position may be exempted from city fees (taxes, waste, etc.) if they work in the community through the provision of social services in a social enterprise.

The financing of the social project will be transparent It is provided in part by the provision of additional services. However, the social enterprise also has the ability to obtain financial resources through subsidies, for example from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Culture or from European support funds such as EaSI. The social enterprise may also receive contributions in accordance with Section 52 and Section 8 of the Employment Services Act.

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