November 28, 2021

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Will Stefan Tarkovic ever finish? Stanislav Sestak: Only Jan Kozak and Vladimir Weiss are the best

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Slovak footballers in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers trailed Croatia and Russia by nine and eight points, respectively. The farewell to Malta, the last year and the future of the helmsman Stefan Tarkovic was commented on by Stanislav Shestak, the former national team striker, participant in the 2010 World Championships and the 2016 European Championships and today the coach and vice-chairman of the Tatra Council Presov.

Our losses are carried out with strangers. It was possible to extract more

Did you enjoy the farewell to qualifying or watch it with taste and ask why the Slovaks didn’t play like this in March in Cyprus or at home with Malta?

“Until then, I said we’d miss points with the outsiders terribly and maybe decide. It’s over, we don’t expect progress from every qualifying, but we can make more of this.

The men in the changing formation in Malta approached him as they should against a weaker opponent. They showed that we have a wider cadre. As if we still think we only had 11 footballers. The chances were great and it was necessary to face a better opponent.”

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Suslov needs a good transformation: don’t look at the money

Tomash Suslov stood out in particular. Where does its potential go?

“We simply knew it back then. At the age of 19, he’s wearing the (deputy captain) belt in the Eredivisie, and that says a lot. He’s light-footed, creative, perfectly positioned, he’s amazing one on one. I also love his confidence. He needs to make a good transition so he can develop and benefit from acting. If the injuries don’t slow down, he will be one of the leaders.”

Reportedly hottest offers from Ajax Amsterdam. What do you advise him before making a life decision?

“I think he has enough advisers and is thinking about the future. He needs to move from Groningen to a better club in the winter or later in the summer, but he will start at it. Let him not look at the big contracts now, he is young and still earning. If they offer. He has a space to play in Ajax, that could be a perfect move. They have a patent for working with talent.”

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Let’s not forget the details of Tarkovic’s period

On December 7, coach Tarkovic will present an analysis of his previous qualification to the Executive Committee of the Slovak Football Federation. In your opinion, what are the pros and cons?

“The biggest drawback is the hesitation against outsiders at the beginning of the qualifiers. Otherwise, the positives prevail for me. After the slowdown and the unsatisfactory European championships, there was a lot of progress in the game, although the results were not supported. At the end of the qualifiers, the coach also gave the youngsters a chance and was done Catch them. I don’t have any reports of bad team relationships and the like.”

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Until September, Slovakia played without an offensive plan, courage, energy, and sometimes even flair. Wasn’t it taking too long to wait for the game to progress?

“Let’s not forget the details of that period. At the start of the qualifiers and during the European Championships, the coach had to rely on many substandard players or the optimal burden at the club. In the European Championship, many blamed him for the match without a striker, but Schranz, Strellick and Kahn were injured. Your bosnik is in poor condition.

He had no preparatory duels to try out new players. They need time to acclimatise. Suslov seemed nervous too at first, and it seemed that he wasn’t ready yet. Didn’t jump until November. Now we are somewhere completely different, we are heading in the right direction.”

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Only Weiss and Cusack are the best

Do you trust Tarkovic that after the match progresses he will score as well, or do you support a change of coach?

“If we want to talk about the first step, and not continue to work with Tarkovic, we need to know the second step, who will replace him? Ending cooperation with the coach is the easiest. However, if we do not have a ready replacement or are not convinced of it, we are We need to look for solutions and one of them is to give Tarkovic confidence, whether he will improve the results after the match.”

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Is there a better alternative than Tarkovic among the Slovak coaches?

“As for Tarkovic, despite his mistakes, he did a great job as an assistant and now a coach, I see two people – Jan Kozak Street. And Vladimir Weiss Street. Kozak has basically retired from coaching. He might come back, but I don’t think he’s real. He left because of some players and they are what They are still in the national team.

Weiss has a contract in Slovenia Bratislava. He had sat on two chairs once before, perhaps he would have dared to repeat. You bothered then, and now you may not bother the specialist. I don’t see other names at the moment with all due respect to the other coaches.

The coach of the national team must have great authority or complete knowledge of the team. Sometimes he is more a manager than a coach, he puts the ice on top of the work of the entire executive team and players. Therefore, I am convinced that only Weiss or Cusack can replace Tarkovic.”

Weiss will be the only one in Europe to lead club and national team. Can you honestly imagine that?

“The only one, but if he does not terminate the contract with the Slavs and the union and the coach will do it, then I consider it the perfect solution.”

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I don’t expect ramsey football

How about a coach from abroad?

“It is a question of who the union can afford, who is available, and who will enter.” The Poles brought in a Portuguese coach before the European Championship and scored a point. It shouldn’t be worthwhile to try an unverified coach at this level.”

In 2017, the Hockey League moved in with Craig Ramsay, who was not well known at the time. Would you be surprised by his football counterpart?

“We simply knew that at the time. I am aware of the market and I connect with people and I don’t see Ramsey football who is coming and succeeding at the moment.”

What would your recommendation be if the Executive Committee asked you for one name?

“Since I think the Cossacks will not return, I recommend Weissa.”

Provided that if for whatever reason it doesn’t, would you support Tarkovic’s continuation?


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Duda did not want to divide the masses

Only 2,726 of the capacity of 4,500 spectators were curious about the local farewell against Slovenia (2:2) in Trnava: “No. I don’t care if I’m honest. I’m glad my people and loved ones have supported me. That’s enough for me.”

“We just knew it at the time. I know Ondrej. He’s a good boy, not arrogant and certainly doesn’t want to differentiate the crowd. We don’t always see in a player’s head what he’s going through. It’s possible that Ondro will learn from this and next time it will be possible Invite people to the stadium,” said the defending midfielder Stanislav Shestak.