January 27, 2022

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Why is the UK banning Huawei 5G in the country?

The British government has decided to ban 5G devices and services from Huawei. However, some explain that the government acted under US pressure.

Former Secretary of Commerce and Industry Vince Cable said the announcement had nothing to do with national security. In July 2020, the Boris Johnson government announced the complete elimination of Huawei products from 5G networks in the UK by the end of 2027. He explained his action with the recommendations of the National Center for Cyber ​​Security.

That too will come out in a timely manner. It was only months after the US imposed sanctions on Hawaii, claiming that it was acting contrary to US national security or foreign policy interests. The United States has long barred Huawei from sourcing key components such as processors but the services of US companies. The result was the creation of its own operating system.

The former Minister of Trade and Industry added that during his tenure as intelligence and security service, they repeatedly assured the government that using Huawei’s services would not pose a risk. According to him, in this way, the United Kingdom could be at the forefront of technological development.

Source: Euractive

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