January 16, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Why did the Holy Father blame the bishop? Strong link!

A loving accusation of the church today requires blind obedience rather than giving of love.

However, Pope Francis’ speech at St. Martin’s Cathedral Bratislava can be summed up. He even used St. Cyril and Methodius’ reference in it as evidence that it is good to look at the Bible inventively and not just follow Doctrine laws and paths. The Pope criticized the unification of the Church today, the search for false peace, and the insistence on blind obedience.

In his speech, Francis developed his thesis that the church should descend from supposed heights and splendid temples and immerse itself in the real world. “The church is not a fortress, a king, or a palace that looks at the world from above and from afar. “We will not succumb to the temptation to flaunt secular grandeur and grandeur,” the pope told crowds of representatives of the Catholic Church.

Almost all dignitaries of the church were present in the cathedral. Open Gallery

“Let’s leave so much concern about ourselves, about our structures, about how society views us. The important thing is that we immerse ourselves in real life.” He based his speech on three words that he said seemed essential to him today: freedom, creativity and dialogue.

“The Church, which does not give way to the adventure of freedom even in the spiritual life, is in danger of stagnation and closure. Some may be used to it, but many, especially the younger generation, are not drawn to the display of faith without inner freedom in the Church, where everyone must think equal and blindly obey”, continued the Holy Father. Frantisek also addressed a very direct and open challenge to the Slovak clergy .

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“You serve in a country where many things have changed rapidly, democratic processes have begun, but freedom is still fragile, especially in the hearts and minds of the people. That is why I encourage you to form them on the basis of freedom, not strict religiosity.” Pope said. According to him, the Church should not try to control everything and blame everyone around it. “It will not help us to confine ourselves to the bastion of defensive Catholicism, to judge and blame the world. Let us not try to control life too much, let us give life space to evolve and grow.” Franticek said.