November 28, 2021

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Where to fly in Bratislava in winter? The airport operates several flights to the United Kingdom and operates direct flights to Dubai

Summer is over and its end is approaching on the plane, which is only visible for two seasons – the winter flight schedule will be significantly richer at Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport this winter than last year.

Dominant is the lowest priced airlines they offer, Ryanair and Wis Air Tickets will return from around 20 euros Especially popular for weekend city breaks.

The offer is packed with places in the United Kingdom – now the conditions for those who have been vaccinated to enter the UK have been significantly simplified.

“In addition to traditional destinations such as London and Milan, there will be a regular flight from Bratislava to Bratislava in the winter.

90 percent of travelers are currently looking to stay in the Emirates for at least a week. That’s why this line is especially targeted at holidaymakers. Dubai on the Pelican website Patrick Vass, strategic partnership manager at Pelican Travel Agency, is growing by more than 3,000 percent.

Vienna’s most popular airport this year is in Vienna, with Bratislava still in second place – but due to the limited number of seats, its share is declining every year.

“In 2018, about 41 percent of Slovak passengers flew from Vienna and 24 percent left Bratislava. This year, 60 percent of Slovaks depart from Vienna, and 12 percent use the airport in Bratislava,” says Vaz.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wonderful Emirate, this is one of the greatest events in the world Expo 2020, The only regular exotic spot at Bratislava Airport this winter – it will launch from October 24th. This line is operated by the Smartwings carrier on the channel once a week – departure is scheduled for Sunday at 9:00 am.

Return Flights from Bratislava to Emirates So they are available to travelers from around 330 euros.

Lanzarote, Spain

A novelty from the winter would be a line to the Canary Islands, especially Lanzarote Island. Its release is scheduled for November, once a week – flying every Saturday. It will be operated by Ryanair, Ireland’s low cost airline.

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Prices Return ticket to Lanzarote They currently start at around 80.

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Lanzarote, Canary Islands
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Copenhagen, Denmark

Many years later, you can fly from Bratislava to Copenhagen, Denmark. The Ryanair-run route runs twice a week – Mondays and Fridays. Its release is scheduled for November.

Flights to Copenhagen Special prices are available from around 30 euros on departure from Bratislava.

Eindhoven, Netherlands

In the Netherlands a line from Bratislava to Eindhoven runs north of Europe. It will be operated by Ireland’s low-cost carrier Ryanair. This tax will run twice a week, every Monday and Friday, with effect from November 1st.

Flights to Eindhoven Available at a special price of less than 30 euros.

Lviv, Ukraine

There will be two flights from MR Štefánik Airport in Ukraine this winter. Regular connections to Lviv are provided by Hungarian low cost carrier Wizz Air. This line runs once a week, every Sunday.

Return flights to the Ukrainian city of Lviv Passengers return from around 50 euros.

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Lviv, Ukraine
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Sofia, Bulgaria

Another regular link is a line to the Bulgarian city of Sofia. It is operated twice a week – every Monday and Friday by low cost carrier Ryanair.

Return Flights to Sofia, Bulgaria Received by travelers at a special price from about 60 euros.

London, United Kingdom

The busiest flights this winter will be to London, Stansted and Luton airports. Wis Air flies to Luton four times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Ryanair will operate daily flights to Stansted Airport.

Flights from Bratislava to London Passengers will receive a refund of around 20 euros.

Hurghada, Egypt

Another direct line to the sea in winter is the route to the Egyptian resort Hurghada. It will be operated by Air Cairo once a week – scheduled to depart on Friday.

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Return flights to Hurghada, Egypt Available by direct flight from less than 290 euros.

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Hurghada, Egypt
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Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is the second Ukrainian destination capital to be flown by Slovaks from Bratislava this winter. The route will be operated by low-cost carrier Ryanair, and twice a week – every Monday and Friday.

Special flight tickets to Kiev Available for less than 40 euros.

Skopje, Northern Macedonia

Another route from Hungarian carrier Wis Air is the route to northern Macedonia this winter. The route to Skopje will run three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Flights to Skopje Travelers will be reimbursed about 50 euros for the advertising price.

Leeds, United Kingdom

The regular connection with the UK this year will be the line of Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair, which will move to Leeds. It departs twice a week on Fridays and Sundays.

Flights to Leeds, England Available at special prices from less than 50 euros.

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Leeds, United Kingdom
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Malta will also be a European island accessible from Bratislava in the winter. Every Wednesday and Sunday – flights will be operated twice a week by low cost carrier Ryanair.

Return flights to Malta Available at special prices from around 30 euros.

Dublin, Ireland

Irish carrier Ryaner is heading home from Bratislava this winter. From November, they will fly daily from Bratislava Airport to Dublin.

Flights returning to Dublin, Ireland Available to travelers for a special price of around 30 euros.

Bergamo, Italy

The Italian route will be Pergamon in the winter, from which travelers can easily get to Milan. The route is operated four times a week by Ryan – every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

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Return flights to Bergamo Received by travelers at a special price from about 30 euros.

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Milan, Italy
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Bologna, Italy

From Bratislava, carriers will travel to the Italian city of Bologna in the winter. Ryanair operates twice a week – every Monday and Friday.

Return flights to Bologna Available from the amount of 30 euros.

Manchester, United Kingdom

From Bratislava, the Irish carrier Ryaner will travel to the north of England and to Manchester. This line will run at a frequency of three times a week, every Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

Flights to Manchester Available in stock prices from around 30 euros.

Rome, Italy

One of the most popular destinations for Slovaks is available from Bratislava in winter. Every Tuesday and Saturday – the Rome flight will be operated by Ryan twice a week.

Flights back to Rome Passenger wedding for a special price of less than 40 euros.

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Rome, Italy
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Thessaloniki, Greece

Flights from Bratislava to the Greek city of Thessaloniki – operated by low-cost carrier Ryanair. Flights departing on Mondays and Fridays are available twice a week.

Flights to Thessaloniki About 30 euros will be refunded on departure from Bratislava.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Ryanair will fly another route to Birmingham, England. It runs three times a day – every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Flights back to Birmingham Holidaymakers can get around 30 euros.

Brussels, Belgium

There will also be a regular flight to the European capital this winter. Low-cost carrier Ryan Air flies from Bradislava to Brussels twice a week – every Monday and Friday.

Flights to Brussels, Belgium Travelers will be reimbursed about 30 euros for the advertising price.

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Brussels, Belgium
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