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Where is the Vincentka spring, where was Comenius born, and where was the Bolivka? – tourism – travel

Luhačovice is a magical place to rest, as well as to rejuvenate health. There are a total of seventeen sodium bicarbonate and one sulfur spring. Mineral springs are remnants of a prehistoric triple sea, already known to prehistoric fishermen.


The spa town of Luhačovice borders the Slovácko and Wallachian regions.

Six natural springs and dozens of pits. Perhaps the most famous of them is Vincentka – its healing water helps dissolve mucus in the bronchi, stomach and intestines.

The spa town of Luhačovice, located in the southeast of Moravia, on the border of the Slovácko and Wallachia regions, only 16 kilometers from the Slovak-Czech border, can be proud of all this.

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Every hour 15,000 liters of mineral water reaches the surface, containing large amounts of dissolved minerals, especially sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, bromine, iodine, carbonic acid and dissolved carbon dioxide.

The temperature of boiling water ranges between 10-12 ° C. Thanks to these collections, Luhačovice water is one of the most effective in Europe. The most famous springs where visitors always stop are Vincentka, Aloiska, Ottovka, Prameň Dr. Šťastný, sv. Josefa, Novy Yubelzhny, and Viola.

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How the name of the city of Luhačovice arose is not entirely clear, there are many theories about this event. Municipal names ending in -ice were often derived from the name of the founder of the family, i.e. Luhač (Luhačovice). The name can also be derived from the fact that there are meadows in the area.

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The area has been inhabited for centuries, but only the Serenyi family, who has owned Luhačovice since the 17th century, realized the importance of the local healing springs and their potential for business use.

The family adjusted the first spring at the foot of Mala Kamena.

At the end of the 19th century, another source was modified, originally called Hlavni, and later renamed Vincentka according to Count Vincent Sereni.

News of the curative power of Luhačovice’s water spread to the surrounding areas and guests began to appear at the springs.

The expansion of the spa was supported by reports of successful treatment and medical work, which highly appreciate the beneficial power of water.

This includes patients with diseases of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, musculoskeletal system, circulatory and oncological diseases after the end of treatment.

The Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovi also left an important signature in Luhačovice. Nowadays, Luhačovice shows a unique association between modern life and tradition. The city is connected to the surrounding nature and is a large park with mineral springs.

Vezovice is the birthplace of actor Polek Polivka. Photo: shutterstock

Vizovice, Czech Republic, city Vezovice is the birthplace of actor Polek Polivka.

The King and the Achaeans Nefert

Located about 12 kilometers from Luhačovice, the old Uherský Brod is associated with Jan Amos Komenský, a teacher of nations who grew up here and has a museum in the city. It is also famous for its Delfín Water Park, observatory, and digital planetarium.

The city has the status of White Carpathians Gate. The romantic mountains on the border between Slovakia and Moravia are a popular destination for tourists from both countries. Slovaks and Czechs love to meet especially on the highest hill, Vika Javorina, which rises to 970 meters above sea level, along which the border passes.

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A little later, they attract Vizovice. The small town boasts a historic core, which is the town’s monuments area. The dominant feature of Vizovice is an 18th century Baroque castle, two interesting triangular squares.

Vesuvice is the birthplace of the famous actor Polek Polivka, who a few years ago became the king of the fictional Wallachian kingdom.

A few minutes north will take you to the 13th century, to Lokoff Castle. The seat has often changed lords and has a turbulent history. Pope Boniface IX. It was mentioned in the castle chapel of St. The relics of the Holy Cross were placed in John.

However, since the 18th century, the abandoned lands fell into disrepair, and it wasn’t until the 20th century that volunteers began to reconstruct them. The ruin has been turned into a popular tourist destination.

Lukov Castle turned from ruins into ... Photo: shutterstock

Lukov Castle in the Czech Republic, Lukov Castle turned from ruins into a popular tourist destination

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