January 16, 2022

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When the others closed, we were seen as crazy because we wanted to open a trailer at this time

When the others closed, we were seen as crazy because we wanted to open a trailer at this time

Jabeka is a Ph.D. in pedagogy and Dusan is an engineer in the field of economics. He has been working in the gastric sector since graduation. For the past six years, he has also worked as a manager in a luxurious mansion near Bratislava.

“Since my wife and I met, we have enjoyed traveling, tasting and trying new things. This is a classic. Of course, we secretly dreamed that one day we would have our own business. We have always lived with good food and drink. But there are still more important things, education , work or children. So we said once in 2019 that there is nothing to wait for,” Doosan told us.

Food truck as a cheaper alternative

The entrepreneur explains that the food cart wave was at its peak when it started. So he and his wife said that in terms of input costs, it could be a good business trip. So they bought a trailer from the savings, in their spare time in the grandmother’s yard they rebuilt, furnished and equipped and completely invented the design and concept. Everything except work and children.

“In our concept, we didn’t want to overreact but rather build on a product that people love and don’t need to serve up anymore. So we’re betting on burgers. The wave peaked, but when we dived deeper into it, we discovered that making a good burger really is a challenge.”

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They both know they want to pursue “quality”. That’s why they relied on premium ingredients, high-quality mature beef, and homemade brioche. Duchan admits that they regularly receive questions of this kind “How much did all this cost you?”. Their answer is three times more than they think, because that was the reality.

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The founders of Votrac explain that buying the food cart itself is one thing, but it is also necessary to equip it, and you also need production facilities that the couple have furnished, tiling, and towed electricity, water and waste since then. spades.

Last but not least, they also invested in design or marketing. “The investment was so big that we were basically able to open a bistro instead of a food truck. But that’s exactly what we wanted, and that’s how it has its charm!”

Adventurous couples are glad that they did not have any major problems at work. They say that from the very beginning they had to get used to the fact that contact with the authorities and officials is longer and nothing can be dealt with immediately and in one place. “Sometimes it was a word catcher, but we always resolved everything to the satisfaction of both parties.”

Source: Phototrack

Thanks Business to COVID

Doosan claims the COVID-19 pandemic paradoxically started their work. During the first shutdown in the spring of 2020, they proceeded to rebuild the trailer. “It was a time when everyone was home, but we rebuilt the trailer in my grandmother’s yard and the kids were playing with us in the sandpit. We had time for that, because we had to shut down the mansion where I work.”

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