December 7, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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When local artists get space, they live more beautifully. Watch how the walls of the Kaufland store in Vranov nad Topľou . have been transformed

In Slovakia, we have a number of artists who can turn dull facades or spaces into truly creative works. Of course, it works better if this Artists get a large space where they can be perceived. Such a space was found in the Kaufland store in Vranov nad Topľou, where they wanted to create something funky with the creative energy of young street art.

Source: Kaufland

This is also the reason why the intention appeared to beautify the not very attractive retaining wall in the store’s parking lot. The initial impetus came to the original idea from store manager. In order to level the slope and be able to build a shop on the existing site, She wanted a spare wall 200 meters long and 5 meters high. Because it was visually unattractiveHe came up with the idea To turn it into a funky facade art.

Source: Kaufland

Kaufland approached the group to revive this unconventional idea Natreto Projects – Natreto, a team of young artists dedicated to A large area Murals, lettering and graphic design. led the creative team Victor Vieira Redraw a design, creating colored objects on a white background.

The creative goal was to create a mosaic, or rather wallpaper patternWhich will revive a dull retaining wall. Today, it also serves as a “photo wall”, where customers can take pictures with an interesting colorful background in the background. The whole acts as a playful mosaic, and consists of a composition of popular products in an illustration, complemented by the company’s brand detailing.

Source: Kaufland

tone, that inspired young artists When creating a proposal, Victor says: “At the beginning of the design preparations, we studied the visual elements that Kaufland uses in communication. We observed simple illustrations of products, which were distributed mostly compositionally around the entrances Kaufland sales. So we decided to change this look and used a combination of new color illustrations of well-known products in a diverse color range. It was very complicated because the plaster was grainy and the wall was corrugated, and its surface was uneven. Therefore, we decided on such a composition. As for technology, we used a combination of silicone paint, which we used to coat the substrate, and spray paint to paint the individual illustrations.”

You can see how Victor and his team drew Kaufland at Vranov nad Topľou below:

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Preview image: Kaufland

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