October 21, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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When a city apartment becomes the perfect place to relax, have fun and recharge your energy

We were struck by the realization of the apartment with its clean handwriting, the use of original details that make simple solutions comfortable, the pleasant sitting outside and a room with a pool table. Simply put – a home designed for relaxation, entertainment and rejuvenation.

The land with the house in which the apartment is located is located on a relatively busy road. However, the advantage is that the house is located on the opposite side of the plot and is separated from the road by a private garden.

From the entrance to the house, you will be attracted to the fireplace, which remains visible from the entire living area. Zdroj: Carlo Baroni

Thanks to it, the apartment overlooks the greenery. The interior design of a city apartment included bespoke furniture design, garden design, and advice on interior products that homeowners should buy, color and materials to use for the facades. In addition, the architects, with the help of experts, focused on the general well-being of housing, solving external acoustic and environmental problems and removing electromagnetic pollution in the interior.

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The elegant bright home features modern interiors with artistic elements and smart systems

The plants work against the noise, and the colors inside harmonize with the garden

The concept of interior transformation was inspired by the main spatial characteristics of the house. Large French doors to the living room line the garden, where plants capable of reducing noise and environmental pollution have been planted.

Cozy living room with dining area and fireplace

The kitchen overlooks the entire area. Zdroj: Carlo Baroni

The interiors designed by the architects are reminiscent of garden colors and materials: furniture and accessories use a green hue and contrast with the white Venetian modern terrazzo floor, which is also on the terrace. The dining room (table, chairs and kitchen) features “Canaletto” furniture. Thanks to the large glazing, the authors of the project were able to paint the garden indoors.

Elegantly lit dining room

Decorative lights make the space cozy. Zdroj: Carlo Baroni

You can see the fireplace from the entrance, and the decorative lights make the room cozy

The large windows are equipped with dual function benches, allowing the homeowners to enjoy relaxing views of the garden. If necessary, they provide additional seating when guests or relatives arrive. The surface of the kitchen island is black. From the entrance to the house, you will be drawn to the fireplace, which remains visible from the entire living area, creating a feeling of welcome and warmth.

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Through ten years of construction, they managed to create a modern house inside that is filled with light

In the sleeping area, the architects achieved a warm and comfortable atmosphere with wooden floors and wall tiles. The bathrooms also have terrazzo on the floor and enamel on the walls. The lighting solution deserves special attention – all the lamps are very decorative and soften the entire space.

Wooden wall in the lounge area with curtains

The apartment is predominantly white, complemented by colored details and wood. Zdroj: Carlo Baroni

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Architectural studio: Burnazi Feltrine Architects

Authors: Elisa Burnatze, David Feltrine

Venue: Trento (Trident), Italy

Area: 279 square meters (indoor), 70 square meters (outdoor), 350 square meters (garden)

Implementation: 2018 – 2020

Sabina Zavarska

Photo: Carlo Baroni