December 7, 2021

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WhatsApp runs encrypted backups.  It also protects with a password and a generated key

WhatsApp runs encrypted backups. It also protects with a password and a generated key

Encrypting your backups will greatly increase chat security.

WhatsApp chat app Receive Big innovation. After the new version, it also allows you to encrypt chat backups, either with your password or directly with a 64-digit key. Topic dedicate XDA Web Developers.

The platform has been testing this innovation for several months, but is only now gradually making it publicly available. Until now, backup security was not available at all. Without encryption, if someone accesses your cloud storage on Google Drive or iCloude, or a phone with local backup, they will be able to access your whatsApp saved backup. For all your messages at that time.

If you don’t already see a better backup security option for your chats, make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed. However, at the same time, it is important to remember that the functionality seems to be available to users gradually. You may have to wait for it.

Backups are not read by Google, Apple or WhatsApp

New end-to-end encrypted backups are more secure. Right when setting up in WhatsAppe, you can choose the type of security – the mentioned private password or the 64-digit decryption key. Without it, no one can access the contents of your backup even if they can “hack” your cloud storage.

The good news is that the encryption is done locally right in the app. In practical terms, this means that not only criminals or other unauthorized people can access the content of the backups, but also the cloud service operators themselves or even WhatsApp Live and parent Facebook.

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Standard, unlocked backups also remain available. However, we strongly do not recommend their use when a safer alternative is available. It would be really nice to move to a new end-to-end encrypted alternative. You can find the option in Settings Applications, in the section huts, in category Chat Backup under the name End-to-end encrypted backups.

Finally, end-to-end encrypted backups are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Interestingly, the technology used also has built-in protection against brute force attacks during password encryption. Decrypting the backup is the responsibility of the device’s hardware, which will make the key available to the app only after entering the correct password. After entering a certain number of incorrect passwords, the phone will permanently lock this decryption key and the backup will not be readable even after the correct password is entered.