October 22, 2021

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What would happen if two gas giants, such as Jupiter and Saturn, collided?

What would happen if two gas giants collide? In our system, we have many planets that fall into this category. Today, such a collision is really unlikely, but by the time the system is being prepared, those odds are a little higher. The gateway wrote that the outcome of the collision depends largely on the conditions in which these two planetary giants meet. Focus on science.

If they collide head-on, it will likely lead to a meeting The complete fusion of two planets. It will not lose any material from its solid core or gaseous envelope. Of course, in such a case, the planets would have to slowly merge. If they collided at higher speeds, which is entirely possible in the universe, most of their matter would be lost to the universe while their nuclei would fuse.

A collision at a very high speed would lead to the disintegration and complete destruction of both planets. The collision, which will not be head-on, that is, the gas giants will “shake off”, is a little more complicated. If the solid cores of both planets passed, both planets would lose a huge amount of their gaseous atmosphere, but Together they will not be combined in this case.

If the cores collide at a certain angle, it is possible for the planets to fuse, but in this case the odds are about 50/50. Whatever the outcome of the collision in this case, In all cases, they will lose a significant part of their gas filling.

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However, there are interesting cases when planets meet only a small part of their gaseous atmosphere. In such cases, they will continue their orbit as if nothing had happened. None of the gas giants will ever lose any weight.

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Such meetings can lead to a change in their format. Astronomers suggest that we can look for a shape change even in the case of the gas giants in our solar system, which could give us a deeper look into their history. While there is currently no evidence to suggest that Jupiter, or Saturn, has collided with other gas giants in the past, Scientists do not rule out this alternative.

Jupiter And Saturn has a higher proportion of heavy elements than the Sun, which may indicate their wild past. Although the Scientists have no idea how these elements got to the planetsOne possibility that is still being discussed is a hypothetical collision with another planet, possibly a gas giant.

If you’re interested in what such a collision might look like, you’ll find a simulation of a similar collision above. Particles only work in the simulation. They also can give you an idea of As if there was a collision and subsequent contact of two gas giants.

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