January 29, 2022

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What will the new look look like?

What will the new look look like?

The iPhone 14 is set to make some big changes. However, the prediction that Apple will abandon the large class and replace it with the next line of flagships has received the most attention. small circle in the middle of the top of the screen. This is still the case to some extent, but the theory has changed quite a bit over time.

The notch in the screen has become a kind of widely recognized part in iPhones, since 2017, when it was first launched in the market. The iPhone 14 seems to break that line. With possible images of upcoming models comes Jeff Grossmanvia Twitter. As you can see, the class by design disappears and takes its place small dark pill.

If Apple opts for this design, it will have to reduce not only the front lens, but also all the sensors to which users owe the high performance of Face ID. However, it is also possible that these sensors will move below the screen, although this change is expected to be more than just a series iPhone 15.

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More usable space

What can such a design offer? Thanks to cutting pills, users will have more usable space at their disposal, which is never harmful. The top panel can also help, which can replace a vacancy with important or useful information.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, and the introduction of the iPhone 14 series is several months away in these times. This is a long time to change plans. We therefore recommend taking this information with extreme caution.

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