January 27, 2022

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Windows 11

What news can we expect from the next big update for Windows 11, ‘Sun Valley 2’, and when will it come?

Microsoft is still in Available in October For the first users of Windows 11, which over time we find in more and more More equipment. Although the new Windows has been here with us for a relatively short time, so Many are already asking when the next big system update will be. As we came back a few days ago warnedAnother big update is coming in the middle of this year. It should also be noted that Microsoft will only release one major system update per year instead of two, as we have been used to until now. What can we expect from the next big update? lets take alook. A foreign portal drew attention to this topic windowslatest.com.

The update must be encrypted Sun Valley 2, or if you prefer the classic name, it will be Windows 11 . version 22H2.

What can we expect from the new version of Windows 11?

it goes without saying Improve system stability and speed. The cooperation of some programs with the Windows 11 environment was not perfect. In particular, Microsoft wants to work on it. It is also expected that new native applications will be used.

In addition to improving stability and fixing bugs, we have several innovations that will make it easier for us to use the device. Maybe it will be the biggest one Drag and drop systemwhich should also be incorporated into Taskbar. It is changes to the design and functionality of the taskbar that have received a wave of criticism in the past.

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Source: windowslatest.com, taskbar drag-and-drop system

But Microsoft is closely monitoring events and feedback from customers and is honestly working on the fix. Many also lacked the ability to move the taskbar to a different position, as was the case in previous versions of Windows. Therefore, we can probably expect this bug to be fixed in update 22H2.

Other changes will definitely happen in Connect with the world of AndroidBecause Windows will support Android apps. Originally, support for Android apps was supposed to be around when Windows 11 became available to the general public. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not succeed. Initial tests showed a relatively smooth operation, but a large consumption of operational memory. Therefore, some optimization is waiting for this part of the operating system. By the way, recently also Google announceWhich plans to bring Android apps and games to Windows PCs. However, the company did not disclose any other details about it.

Third-party support windget

A new version of Windows is also expected More windget support. It is already rumored behind the scenes that some developers are already working on it. The desktop can resemble Windows Vista or the early stages of Windows 7. But Microsoft definitely needs to work on the security of these tools, because in the past they were a loophole in the security system, which was in fact the main reason for their withdrawal.

New effects will also be added

It should also be noted that it will be introduced into the interface of Windows 11 New background blur effectIt is called classified. It is a combination of existing “acrylic” and “mica” effects.

Of course, the above news is not all that Microsoft has in store for us. There will be a lot of these changes. We will let you know as soon as more information becomes available.

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