January 27, 2022

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What fish will you have on the table on Christmas Eve?  In the Dotaniera.sk online store you will also find high-quality food on the Christmas menu

What fish will you have on the table on Christmas Eve? In the Dotaniera.sk online store you will also find high-quality food on the Christmas menu

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RIMAVSKÁ SOBOTA – Even in Rimavska Sobota, you can put the tastes of the Spanish countryside on your table, glimpse the world of tomatoes and enjoy health on a plate. Christmas is coming and with them is the perfect time to try products from Online store Dotaniera.sk. why now? You will find fish on your Christmas table.

If you didn’t have carp in the aquarium before the holidays and you were buying fish for your sliced ​​mayonnaise salad in the store, pay close attention. This year you can indulge in quality DIAMIR Spanish Dishes, which brought to the Slovak market Online store Dotaniera.sk.

You can find, for example, in the Dotaniera.sk online store mackerel slices In vegetable oil, mackerel fillet in sour escabeche or tomato sauce. It can also hurt you treska a la Vizcaina.

For fish lovers, they also have tuna in vegetable oil, tomato sauce or escapeche sauce at reasonable prices. It is especially useful 1 kilo of ground tunaIt is suitable for sandwiches, salads, spreads, pasta or even pizza.

You will also find sardines and more in the online store Seafood, for example calamari with american sauceAnd Anchovies in olive oilAnd Spicy mussels in vegetable oil.

Other non-traditional goods Pieces of octopus tentacles in icy. It is a traditional Mediterranean delicacy, suitable for pasta and salads, but also for consumption in the cold or hot season. Pulpo a la gallera means icy octopus. Although it is a typical food in the northwestern part of Spain, you will meet it in every corner of Spain and you can say that with paella it is one of the most famous Spanish dishes.

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However, fish is not all that you can find in the Dotaniera.sk online store. At a good price, they also serve, eg olive oilIt is rich in antioxidants and slows down the natural aging process. Regular consumption of high-quality olive oil helps cleanse the digestive system. Of course they are olive. You can try high-quality green or black Spanish olives, or even green olives with anchovies.

You can also enrich your menus and popular recipes with other DIAMIR products. You can find it in the online store mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, Roasted pepper Whole beans in tomato sauce, Sweet and sour cornWhole drained or peeled tomatoes and Panderella vegetable skewers.

If you choose something, the courier will bring the goods home. In addition, if you place your order by Christmas, you have free delivery within the city of Rimavska Sobota. If you are directly from Rimavska Sobota, you will not be far from a professional place where you can pick up goods in person. You can find it in Tormáš 586, Rimavská Sobota.

See the full presentation of the Dotaniera.sk online store at this link.

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